Occupy White Walls: “The Weirdest MMO I Have Ever Played” and “Hipster Minecraft”

I haven’t talked about Occupy White Walls (OWW) for a little while now. According to an article on the blog Massively Overpowered:

Most recently, the game has patched up to version 1.666, which is “filled to the brim with fixes, improvements and new assets for you to play with,” the devs write in their email blast. The patch reportedly includes new concrete walls and doorways, turntable assets, trees, modular grass floors, neon text, cabinet assets, and bars – but “no drinks (yet).”

A YouTuber named Fevir has posted a really great video about OWW, all from the perspective of an MMO player who describes himself as “art indifferent”, and how playing OWW has altered his perceptions of art. I’d encourage you to watch this seven-minute video, titled The Weirdest MMO I Have Ever Played:

As Fevir notes in the video, the real game changer will be when people are allowed to upload their own artworks to Occupy White Walls, and integrate them into their own personalized galleries. I asked on the official OWW Discord channel about when that would happen, and I was told by Community Bear:

We’re currently getting ready for limited testing with user uploaded works. We don’t know what the AI will do. So we’re not that far off, but at the same time we’re not quite ready to pin a date. I do wanna clarify that we do know what the AI will do, its just that it’s not exactly clear if everything will work as smoothly as we’re expecting. It is an Alpha, after all…:wink:

Here’s the website to get you started, from where you can download the software. It’s free and it’s fun (the blog Inventory Full actually went so far as to call it “Hipster Minecraft”) and you might learn something about your tastes in art, so what more could you ask for? Tell them Ryan Schultz sent you 😉

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