UPDATED: Second Life Steals, Deals and Freebies: Free Mesh Heads and Skin Appliers from Genesis Lab

UPDATE Sept. 24th: Please note that the group join fee for Genesis Lab is no longer free; it is now L$99. I have pulled together and updated all the information I have on free mesh heads and bodies for female avatars into this blogpost.

If you are looking for free or inexpensive mesh heads and bodies for male avatars, please see this blogpost.

I learned from the Nessmarket Freebies and Sales Blog (which you should be following if you’re interested in Second Life freebies) that Genesis Lab has just made their group free to join, which means you can pick up all their group gifts for free from their store!

Among the group gifts are skin and makeup appliers, a demonic set of mesh eyes, and several mesh heads (note: as far as I am aware, these are not Bento heads). Here is a look at two of the mesh heads, a striking albino one called Makena and a very attractive one called Kenna, which comes with a HUD with quite a few makeup options for lips, eyes, eyeshadow, eyebrows and hairbase:


And here’s a shot of a third mesh head called Lara, which is also quite attractive. The mesh eyes are included and you can change their colour using the included HUD, as well as several makeup options and hairbases:

Genesis Labs Mesh Head Lara 9 May 2018.png

So if you’ve been wanting to get a nice mesh head, now’s your chance! I don’t know how long the Genesis Lab group is free to join, so I’d take advantage of it as soon as you can.

Here’s a SLURL to the group gifts wall at the Genesis Lab store.

UPDATE May 11th: Genesis Laboratory has changed the group that you must join to get the group gifts. It is still free to join (for now). The new group is called GenesisLab and you can link to it via this URI:


(I have told Nessaja, so she can update her Nessmarket blog.)

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