Second Life Fashion: Dina Dresses by Virtue

Today Vanity Fair is wearing dresses from the new Dina collection by Abiela of Virtue (SL Marketplace, in-world store). These stylish and elegant dresses are ones I expect to pull from my inventory again and again!

The Dina dresses come in four colours: red, pink, blue and noir (black). Each colour is L$190.

Dina by Virtue 2 26 May 2018.png
Dina Dress in Blue
Dina by Virtue 3 26 May 2018.png
Dina Dress in Pink
Dina by Virtue 4 26 May 2018
Dina Dress in Noir

Vanity Fair is wearing:

Dress: Dina dress by Virtue

Hair: French Twist hair by Rezology

Earrings: pearl knot earrings from a long-ago hunt (the store is no longer in SL)

Shoes: black Gigi pumps by Garbaggio

Vanity Fair is also wearing:

These pictures were taken at the Whimberly sim.


Virtue Logo Smaller.png


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