Ethernia: This Is a Real Product After All! (UPDATE: No, It’s Not)

Holy crap! So it’s not a joke or a parody after all!

Ethernia is an actual product by a Los Angeles-based company! The website finally went live yesterday, and they are planning to launch the beta version of this virtual world sometime this fall.

Ethernia 1 31 May 2018

Here’s the new Ethernia promotional video on Vimeo: Launchfilm from PET GØRILLA on Vimeo.

(I notice they did re-edit their video that I posted in my original blogpost about Ethernia, to cut down on the rather bombastic narration in the original.)

UPDATE Feb. 17th, 2019: I notice that the original Ethernia website now refers to the Pet Gorilla website, which describes itself as:

PET GØRILLA is a U.S. based integrated production company specializing in the new frontiers of Creativity & Entertainment by using cutting edge technology to unlock new capabilities in storytelling. Our creative roster features live-action, documentary and animation directors with deep knowledge and experience in post-production, interactivity, design, live streaming, event planning, and storytelling. This unique set of creative talents married with a group of well-rounded producers, graphics developers, and technical architects means that anything dreamt can be created.

So, it would appear that Ethernia was, in fact, fake. But it was a good fake, dreamed up by a very creative ad agency, and a very funny one! It was good enough to fool the person who told me it was a real project.

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