Alfy is Having a Sale!

If you act quickly, you can save 50% on avatar attachments by Alfy, whom I recently profiled in a Sansar Store Spotlight. Here’s the link to his items in the Sansar Store. These are extremely well-made items so this is an opportunity you cannot pass up!

Alfy's Wearables 15 Sept 2017

Pick of the Day: My Brain-Attic

My Brain-Attic 2 15 Sept 2017

My Brain-Attic is a dimly lit art experience by theoxyz, set to menacing, foreboding music and the sound of a human heartbeat. You can feel the sense of menace in the air as you wander around the art installations, inside what appears to be someone’s brain. It’s a very well done experience, and well worth a visit. (When you see it inside a VR headset, it appears a little brighter than it would appear from these images, taken as screen captures from the desktop version of Sansar.)

My Brain-Attic 15 Sept 2017