Outfit Outlay: Highlander/Minotaur

Time for another rummage in the closet to pull together a look! This time I bought the Highlands Outfit for Male Avatar from the Sansar Store for S$400 (about US$4.00 or CDN$4.88).

Highlands Outfit 16 Sept 2017

The detail on this outfit, as with all the clothing sold by Sansar Studios, is very well done. I paired this outfit with the Minotaur head I purchased yesterday at Alfy’s 50% off sale, which is still going on as of today. The head attaches over the default male avatar head via the eyeglasses attachment slot, as shown here:

Highlander Outfit 2 16 Sept 2017.png

I took my Highlander Minotaur out for a walk in Maxwell Graf’s Rune experience.

Highlander Outfit 4 16 Sept 2017

Highlander Outfit 3 16 Sept 2017.png

Scene of the Day: Camp Cormier

Becky's Experience 16 Sept 2017

Becky Green wrote me on Facebook to say:

How about this for a scene from a new person who is still able to create by using the Sansar store?

I think this is great, Becky! I’m not going to give out the address of her experience because she tells me that it’s still unpublished and still a work-in-progress. But she’s made a lovely start.

Pick of the Day: The Diner

When you arrive at The Diner, by C3rb3rus, you materialize standing next to an empty highway in Roswell, New Mexico, in the desert, under a full moon and a starry sky. The only building you see is a small Fifties-style diner, so you head toward it.

The Diner 16 Sept 2017

As you enter, there is a television set in the corner, showing the 1958 sci-fi movie Fiend Without a Face. The diner is deserted.

Diner 16 Sept 2017

C3rb3rus is to be commended for creating a sense of unease through his use of sounds!