Sansar’s First Hovercraft!

Galen (whom I have profiled before) has created the first true vehicle in Sansar: a hovercraft you can steer by simply moving your avatar around on a platform! He says:

It’s a hover platform that’s operated simply by walking around the platform to make it lean in the direction one wants to go.

This machine relies on dynamic stability, especially using a series of PID controllers and the Script API’s impulse mechanics. These allow it to respond to changes in mass as people board and move around in order to keep the platform mostly upright and near a target elevation.

There are no hidden collision volumes or other tricks here. This actually works very well, even if Sansar’s physics engine isn’t perfect.

Outfit Outlay: Red Nails, Green Eyes, and Fairy Wings!

It’s still rather lonely being the first (and, so far, only) fashion blogger in Sansar! But with the latest release of the software, creators can now sell avatar attachments in the Sansar Store. That, to me, really marks the beginning of the fashion market! Here’s a link to all the wearables available for sale, sorted in order by newest items first.

Also new in this latest release is the ability to set your nail colour! Here’s what this looks like in the Avatar Customization module, under the Skintone & Body tab:

Outfit Outlay Pick Your Nail Colour Here 10 Sept 2017

You can pick one of the six pre-selected colours, or if you wish, you can click on the multicoloured circle to customize your nails to any colour you wish:

Outfit Outlay Pick Your Nail Colour 2 10 Sept 2017

Here I chose a slightly brighter shade of red for my fashion model avatar Vanity Fair’s nail colour.

Now, let’s get shopping! Debi Baskerville has already put a number of items up for sale in the Sansar Store, eyes, wings, and even a bag to cover your head for those days when you’re feeling particularly ugly!

Outfit Outlay Debi Baskerville Items for Sale 10 Sept 2017

I bought myself a pair of pretty light green eyes for only S$75 (US$0.75 or CDN$0.91). You attach them to your avatar under the Accessories tab in the eyeglasses slot:

Outfit Outlay Light Green Eyes 10 Sept 2017

I also bought the lovely translucent fairy wings for S$200 (US$2.00 or CDN$2.43). It took me a second to figure out how to attach them. They are located on the necklace slot in the Accessories tab, as shown here:Outfit Outlay Fairy Wings 10 Sept 2017

As Debi mentions in her store listing, Linden Lab has (short-sightedly, in my opinion) restricted the size of avatar attachments to one metre in each dimension. That’s so that you do not block other avatars with oversized attachments like walls or boulders! However, these fairy wings are a grandfathered item because Debi created them before that restriction was enacted! I have a feeling that Linden Lab will ease that restriction somewhat, once they realize that you can have items like this that do not pose an impediment to other avatars around you!

Here are a couple more shots of Debi’s fairy wings, taken in the Fairy Tale Island experience by GlitchNovastar. Notice the transparency of the wings in the photo of Vanity’s back! Debi did a wonderful job with these wings.

Outfit Outlay Fairy WIngs 3 10 Sept 2017

Outfit Outlay Fairy Wings 2 10 Sept 2017

So, what are you waiting for? Fly over to the Sansar Store and get your own pair!

Scene of the Day: Sponza

Sponza 10 September 2017

This picture was taken at Sponza, by Cale Flanagan, who says of his experience:

The model of the Sponza atrium (made by Marko Dabrovic and Frank Meinl) is a test scene for global illumimation / radiosity. This is an adaption for Sansar with slight fixing and enhancements.