Outfit Outlay: Be A Rock!

I’m in a goofy mood tonight, and this just fits the bill perfectly! Silas Merlin has put his wonderfully goofy rock outfit up on the Sansar Store. For only S$100 (about US$1.00 or CDN$1.23), you too can “not be seen”!

Wearable Rock 23 Sept 2017

Shortly after Silas created this rock attachment, Linden lab foolishly restricted the size of avatar attachments to less than one meter in any dimension, so nobody else can make or sell this size of attachment anymore. I think that was a short-sighted decision and I am appealing to Linden Lab to loosen that restriction.

Scene of the Day: 5-A-Side Soccer Stadium

Five A Side Soccer Stadium 23 Sept 2017

This is 5-A-Side Soccer Stadium, where you and your friends can play a game of soccer. The creator, JackTheRipper, says:

Play 5-a-side Soccer (Football) with your buddies or just have a kick-about in the 5-A-Side stadium. First team to net 3 balls is the winner!

Should Linden Lab Pay Sansar Dollars for Top Experiences?

Have you signed up yet to join the official Sansar Discord server? If you haven’t, you’re missing out on some great conversations.

David Hall, whose Dwarven Fortress experience is today’s Pick of the Day, shared his idea this morning on Discord for promoting Sansar experiences:

So I have this thought about how to incentivize Sansar growth. I woke up with it this morning and it has been nagging the back of my brain ever since. I am going to throw it out there a couple times today to gage thoughts. While I think the current 10k prizes for creating great content is awesome, I am not sure that it is sustainable or that you get the most bang for your buck. The more I think about it, I think there is a gap in the Sansar economic model.
If you are a prop or asset creator you can make money from the store. If you are an experience builder, you have to pay to build your experience and buy Sansars to get things from the store for your experience, with no way to recoup your expense of time and effort but a slim shot at a huge prize. With that, I think Linden should pay in Sansars for the top experiences. So if your experience is in the top ten you get 25 Sansars a vist. In the top 100 you get 10 Sansars per visit. This gives experience builders some incentive to build better experiences. It gives experience builders Sansars to spend on all the awesome stuff in the Sansar store and it gives folks a reason to advertise their experience and market Sansar to the broader VR community, because more visits = more Sansars. Eventually this model could be turned over to the community by creating a 25 Sansar Fee to visit the top ten experiences or a 10 Sansar Fee to visit the top 100 and Linden wouldn’t have to subsidize anymore.

What do you think of David’s idea? Sound off here in the comments, or join us on Discord!

Pick of the Day: Dwarven Fortress

Hard to believe, but I hadn’t yet chosen David Hall’s Tolkien-themed Dwarven Fortress as my Pick of the Day! I am rectifying that oversight now.

Dwarven Fortress 1 23 Sept 2017

Pictures do not do this sprawling experience justice; you really do need to visit this experience in-world and wander around to appreciate all the work David put into this.

Dwarven Fortress 2 23 Sept 2017

On a previous visit (we came here during an episode of Atlas Hopping with Berry and Drax), I remember David telling us that these structures were originally designed for an underground Mines of Moria, which he then later decided to place above-ground, at night. A full moon in a cloudy sky shines over the complex. Everything adds to the air of mystery: where are the dwarves?

Dwarven Fortress 3 23 Sept 2017

If you haven’t been yet, I would urge you to come visit and explore Dwarven Fortress.