Sansar Store Spotlight: Cat’s Bindi and Earrings

I just discovered this beautiful bindi-and-earrings matched set on the Sansar Store! Cat made them with an animated texture that creates a sort of shimmering effect. They come in five different colours: silver, blue, red, gold, and black. And they’re only S$99 (US$0.99 or CDN$1.21) each!

Bindi and Earrings by Cat 19 Sept 2017

They attach on the earrings slot as shown here (note that the bindi and the earrings are worn as one attached item; you cannot wear them separately):

Bindi and Earrings by Cat 2 19 Sept 2017

Here’s a shot of Vanity Fair wearing her new gold bindi and matching earrings in the Sponza atrium experience:

Bindi and Earrings by Cat 3 19 Sept 2017


Pick of the Day: Retro Remix

Retro Remix 1 19 Sept 2017

GranddadGotMojo has created an experience called Retro Remix, that boasts the first radio station broadcasting in Sansar. He says:

The home of Retro Remix, the best songs of the 60s, 70s, and 80s remixed as Electronic Dance Music. Come Dance at Club Retro Remix or visit the only VR Radio Station – WRMX Retro Remix Radio. House band is GotMojo .

Take the green transporter pad to teleport to the dancefloor, and enjoy the music!

Retro Remix 2 19 Sept 2017