Scene of the Day: Laser Skyscrapers (Show Case)

Laser Skyscrapers 11 Sept 2017.png

Today’s Scene of the Day is Laser Skyscrapers (Show Case), by gfcprogramer.


Pick of the Day: Optical Illusions Arena

Optical Illusions 3 11 Sept 2017

The Optical Illusions Arena is a Sansar experience created by JackTheRipper, where you can take part in various optical illusions. Come with a couple of friends and try out the famous Ames Room illusion, where two avatars of the same height appear to be completely different heights when viewed through the window!

Other optical illusions can be experienced by standing in certain places and looking at objects. For example:

Optical Illusions 2 11 Sept 2017.png


Optical Illusions 11 Sept 2017.png

Sansar Store Spotlight: The Creations of Tina Fayet

Sansar creator Tina Fayet (whose steampunk wings I profiled in an earlier blogpost) is holding a 25% off sale on her items in the Sansar Store only for another 24 hours! She’s got some pretty neat stuff up for sale already:

Tina Fayet Store Listings 11 Sept 2017

Here is my supermodel avatar, Vanity Fair, wearing Tina’s Druid Neck Dress and Druid’s Bracelet:

Vanity Fair Wearing Tina Fayet's Druid Items 11 Sept 2017

Vanity Fair Wearing Tina Fayet's Druid Items 2 11 Sept 2017

These pictures were taken in the Floating Temple experience by C3rb3rus.


The Importance of Keeping Sansar Documentation Up-To-Date


The Sansar team at Linden Lab is working hard to bring us the best virtual world platform that they can. They deserve our respect and kudos for a job (mostly) well done. But Ethos Erlanger has a valid complaint about Sansar documentation that is not being kept up-to-date as the software platform evolves over time. This might seem like a picky thing, but it’s not. Both creators and consumers are relying on that documentation to be accurate, and it’s very frustrating when it’s not.

Everybody can do their part in two ways: by asking good questions of Linden Lab staff via the community forums and at the Friday product meetups, and by making documentation update requests. Ethos explains how:

When items such as these come to light, the best we can do is request an update to the documentation. Everyone can help out on this topic by writing requests for documentation here. (They just call it “Documentation” when you get to that page.)  I would think it would be called something like: Documentation Requests, but Linden Lab must have held that focus group without me. The odd thing is that this link goes to a subsection of “Community”. So do not look for it under the Knowledge Base which is where I instinctively looked for it. And that is if you can find the Knowledge Base.

And, just to be helpful, here is the Knowledge Base. and here are the Community Forums.