Casual Meetups This Week at The Lost Treasure of Coral Canyon

Today is a holiday Monday in the U.S. (and Canada too), so there’s no in-world casual meetup today. Starting tomorrow, they will be held at 2:00 p.m. Pacific Time/Sansar Time at the experience The Lost Treasure of Coral Canyon. See you there!

Pick of the Day: M2D Organic

M2D Organic 3 4 September 2017

Although earlier I had shared a machinima of this Sansar experience, I haven’t yet selected it as my Pick of the Day. M2D Organic is a wonderful dark alien landscape created by Mario2 Helstein. It’s mostly grey organic shapes with splashes of colour here and there. It kind of reminds me of the inside of a human cell. Worth a visit! Look for it near the top of the Sansar Atlas listings.

M2D Organic 1 4 September 2017M2D Organic 2 4 September 2017M2D Organic 4 4 September 2017