The Most Expensive Items in the Sansar Store

And, you might be asking yourself, what are the most expensive items in the Sansar Store? Well, it turns out there’s a way to sort the item listings, most expensive first:

Most Expensive Items in the Sansar Store 17 Sept 2017

I ask you: who in their right mind is going to pay S$5,000 (US$50.00 or CDN$60.98) for a chaise lounge that you can’t even sit in??!?


Pick of the Day: Clockworks Club

Yes, I know, an older version of the Clockworks Club was my Pick of the Day back on August 8th, 2017. But Galen has updated his experience and it’s just so good it’s worth a revisit.

Clockworks Club 17 Sept 2017.png

In the description of the new Clockworks Club experience, Galen says:

This rave-like club design demonstrates just some of the incredible dynamics you can have in Sansar, even before animated mesh makes its debut. All the animated objects keep perfect time with the dance music. Learn more about Clockworks scripts at:

Here’s a link to Galen’s scripts available through the Sansar Store.

A Plea to Linden Lab: Release the Outfits!

As Sansar’s first (and, so far, only) fashion blogger, I have an obligation to those who will follow after me (hopefully, many fashion bloggers), and therefore I have a criticism of the current state of Sansar fashion. There isn’t enough of it! Oh, I know, Bjorn Laurin/Linden has said that the team at Linden Lab is working very hard on building a wonderful, advanced avatar fashion system, and that we can expect nothing before March 2018 at the earliest. That’s fair.

But I was watching Episode 3 of the 2017 National Geographic series Year Million, titled Dude, Where’s My Body?  In that episode, as you may know, there is a segment where Nick Loizides, better known as Loz Hyde in Sansar and Second Life, pays a visit to Linden Lab’s headquarters in San Francisco.

While watching this episode, something caught my eye, and I hit the pause button:

Release the Outfits! 17 Sept 2017

This is a video scan of a storyboard in the Linden Lab offices (there’s actually more to the right that you cannot see in this single screen capture I took from the video). A few of these male and female outfits should look very familiar to Sansar users! They are, in fact, outfits which are already available under the avatar customization tab. Note the third avatar in the first row. Jenn, the community manager for Sansar, wears that very same outfit when she hosts the in-world casual and product meetups. You can select it yourself from the options for female avatar clothing. The yellow-orange cardigan and beige skirt outfit with the red hat is familiar too.

So that got me to thinking. If some of these avatar outfit options are already available, where are the rest? Are they already created? Is Linden Lab waiting to release them, either as free avatar clothing options or as items for sale in the Sansar Store? Why are they waiting?

So this is my complaint/plea. Linden Lab, please, please, please release these outfits you have already designed! We are (im)patiently waiting for more variety in the avatar fashion market! Anything, anything, that you can do to improve the current situation would be a very good thing!

Release the Outfits!