September 8th Release: What’s New!

So, I have taken several days off from blogging, waiting for the latest release of the Sansar software to arrive. As of late this afternoon, we now have it, and everybody is busy trying out new features.

It is now possible to list avatar attachments for sale in the Sansar Store. There are already 52 items listed in the Wearables category as of this writing, with that number expected to grow quickly over the next few days. Use this handy link to get a list of wearables sorted in order of newest first. Here is a screenshot of some of the caps, sunglasses, watches, and pipes already put up for sale by the very first creators:

Avatar Attachments for Sale in the Sansar Store 8 Sept 2017

Looking good already! Among the other new features outlined in the Release Notes are:

  • The new Terrain Editor (details on how to use this are here)
  • Trigger Volumes (more info here)
  • Streaming Web Audio (e.g. ShoutCast; more info here)
  • OBJ-format files can now be imported directly into Sansar (previously, they had to be FBX-format)
  • Keyframe animated objects can now be imported into Sansar
  • Multi-part objects can now be imported into Sansar
  • Tintable avatar nails!
  • Your avatar can now run!
  • And many more features! See the complete Release Notes for September 8th for all the details.

I think the first thing I will do is set up a new experience using the Terrain Editor, and get used to this powerful new tool.