Sansar Store Spotlight: Cat’s Bindi and Earrings

I just discovered this beautiful bindi-and-earrings matched set on the Sansar Store! Cat made them with an animated texture that creates a sort of shimmering effect. They come in five different colours: silver, blue, red, gold, and black. And they’re only S$99 (US$0.99 or CDN$1.21) each!

Bindi and Earrings by Cat 19 Sept 2017

They attach on the earrings slot as shown here (note that the bindi and the earrings are worn as one attached item; you cannot wear them separately):

Bindi and Earrings by Cat 2 19 Sept 2017

Here’s a shot of Vanity Fair wearing her new gold bindi and matching earrings in the Sponza atrium experience:

Bindi and Earrings by Cat 3 19 Sept 2017


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