Pick of the Day: Dwarven Fortress

Hard to believe, but I hadn’t yet chosen David Hall’s Tolkien-themed Dwarven Fortress as my Pick of the Day! I am rectifying that oversight now.

Dwarven Fortress 1 23 Sept 2017

Pictures do not do this sprawling experience justice; you really do need to visit this experience in-world and wander around to appreciate all the work David put into this.

Dwarven Fortress 2 23 Sept 2017

On a previous visit (we came here during an episode of Atlas Hopping with Berry and Drax), I remember David telling us that these structures were originally designed for an underground Mines of Moria, which he then later decided to place above-ground, at night. A full moon in a cloudy sky shines over the complex. Everything adds to the air of mystery: where are the dwarves?

Dwarven Fortress 3 23 Sept 2017

If you haven’t been yet, I would urge you to come visit and explore Dwarven Fortress.



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