How to Get Ridiculously Buff in Sansar, No Gym Membership Required!

Dissatisfied with your body shape in Sansar? Want to be pumped up like Aaahnold? Well, Ravioli has you covered with his new muscles attachment for male avatars!

Muscles by Ravioli 4 Mar 2018.png

This attachment covers your entire body except for your head and your feet. It matches the lightest skin colour from the avatar customization palette. Here’s what I look like after really, really working out at the gym:

Muscles by Ravioli 2 4 Mar 2018.png

Even better, all Marvelous Designer-created clothing can be stretched to fit the body!

Muscles by Ravioli 3 4 Mar 2018.png

And best of all, the body is FREE! Thank you, Ravioli!

More Pictures from Occupy White Walls

I am so captivated with what people are already creating using Occupy White Walls, even though the software is only in alpha release! Not only are people curating their own personal art galleries, drawing from a collection of 1,000 works of art from the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, but they are also designing beautiful environments using the tools available! Here are pictures of just a few of the attractive spaces I visited (click each photo for a larger size version):

The picture on the bottom is my own gallery. If you haven’t tried OWW out yet, give it a shot! It’s great fun and best of all, it’s free!

Sansar Pick of the Day: Eternity

C3rb3rus has, once again, created a jaw-dropping experience in Eternity! A giant mechanical horse with glowing green eyes gallops in place within an intricate cage, mesmerizing to watch, bathed in an eerie purple light:

Eternity 2 4 Mar 2018.png

Eternity 1 4 Mar 2018.png

Beyond the horse is an oversize orrery, with planets revolving in endless orbits before a gigantic wall of spinning gears:

Eternity 3 4 Mar 2018.png

The gears extend along a catwalk. The overall effect is one of time inexorably marching onward, much like the mechanical horse which gallops forever.

Eternity 4 4 Mar 2018

Vanity Fair is wearing the same outfit she wore to another one of C3rb3rus’ experiences, 2077.