Atlas Hopping with Drax and Strawberry, Episode 28!

Tumbleweed Writer's Retreat 3 March 2018.png
Tumbleweed Writer’s Retreat

Today, we visited the following five experiences:

In both Kateelandia and Tumbleweed Writer’s Retreat, the level of gravity in the experience was set to zero, which means that objects like tables and plants were floating in mid-air! In the Turkey Bounce House, 160 turkeys were flying around in slow motion! You can also get airborne yourself, the closest you can get to flying in Sansar. Walking around in zero gravity is quite fun! Basically, you climb up on a rock or another high spot and just step off, and you stay at that altitude!

Zero Gravity 3 March 2018.png
Walking Around in Zero Gravity!

I was so busy bouncing around in my VR headset at the Turkey Bounce House, that I got VR sick! (That hasn’t happened to me in a long, long while!)

Here’s Drax’s livestream:

And here’s Strawberry’s livestream:

Sansar Top 5: Are We In a Painting?

On Friday, Sam and Boden (along with Torley as cameraman) led a whirlwind tour of five Sansar art-related experiences:

  1. IDIA Lab: Newton’s Cenotaph, by Mencius Watts
  2. 3D Mind Bending Reversperspective Art, by JackTheRipper
  3. Floating Temple, by C3rb3rus
  4. Valencia, by Theanine
  5. Mountain Cabin, created by Sam and his wife! (everybody had some technical difficulties trying to get into the same instance of this experience)

Here’s the livestream (I can’t seem to get it to start right at the beginning no matter how I embed the URL, so you might need to rewind it to the beginning):