New Virtual World: Community Garden

Community Garden Apartment.png

An example apartment in Community Garden

I just heard about this new virtual world this morning, called Community Garden. It’s built on top of the SpatialOS game engine. Here’s a YouTube video giving you a first look:

Unlike virtual worlds like High Fidelity, Sansar, and Sinespace, Community Garden is one large contiguous world, without sharding or fragmenting. The developer, Pixelshot Games, says:

For those who have been supporting what Community Garden is trying to do, I thank you. This game is the product of many years of hard work by a single developer attempting to push the boundaries of what’s possible virtual reality with [a] platform not built for VR. My goals for Community Garden are grand; create a world much like the OASIS from Ready Player One where players can be a part of something big. SpatialOS takes a lot of the backend server work out of the equation, but there is still a lot of work required to realize this dream.

This virtual world is not free; you have to pay US$19.99 to join it as an Early Access game on Steam. I’m curious to see what it has to offer, so I might just sign up and try it out!

Sansar Pick of the Day: The Farm

Small and simple can be beautiful. There’s no better example than The Farm, a Sansar experience created by Warm Winter Arts. It’s probably the smallest experience you can visit in Sansar, but it’s beautifully and painstakingly done. Just a dirt road in the middle of a rock-strewn farmer’s field, all overgrown with grass.

The Farm 4 18 Mar 2018The Farm 1 18 Mar 2018

There’s a computer set up at the side of the road on an old beaten wooden table, connected to a battery and a solar panel, with a cheeky sign saying, “Free WiFi $20/hr.” Somebody left their teddy bear, too!

The Farm 2 18 Mar 2018.png

Vanity Fair is wearing a piece of clothing I made last month for my brand, Ryan Schultz Virtual Fashion: the Summer Flower Dress. It’s available in the Store for only S$5!

The Farm 3 18 Mar 2018.png

Sinespace Launches Virtual Reality Beta

Sinespace has launched their virtual reality beta. As I wrote about earlier, the last time I tried out their VR client using my Oculus Rift, it was still too buggy for me. But maybe you’ll have better luck. If you do, please let me know.

Sinespace VR beta 18 Mar 2018

You can download their OpenVR viewer for Windows here.