A Second Update: Leaving My Second Life Avatars to Other People Via My Will

Angel Michaela 3 30 Mar 2018
Prayerful Vigil: one of my avatars who needs a good home after I am gone

This week, I have been scheduling in-world meetings with various people in Second Life who had expressed an interest in inheriting one of my SL avatars. (If you want more background on why I am doing this, you can read all about it herehere, here and here.)

One thing that I have discovered, is that most people are not really that interested in taking over someone else’s avatar after the original owner has passed away. The idea probably creeps some people out. It might also be that people are shying away from having to provide a real-life name and means of contact to me and my lawyer (when I select one to draw up my last will and testament).

I do want to make it clear that I will no longer be publishing who gets what avatar on this blog. SaveMe Oh, who evidently marches to the beat of her own drummer, has decided to publish my email to her on her own blog, telling her that she can inherit my drag queen/clown avatar, Velcro Zipper, even though I specifically asked her not to. So be it. She has a habit of posting transcripts of other people’s conversations with her to her blog, so I probably should not be surprised. But she still gets one of my avatars to add to her merry band of artistic warriors and shit disturbers. Maybe the operators of the Linden Endowment for the Arts (LEA) sims might want to add “Velcro Zipper” to their ban lists as a precaution, even though she will not be getting Velcro for many, many years!

But from here on in, it’s nobody’s business who gets which of my avatars in my will. So, if that was a consideration that was originally holding you back from offering to take one, please be reassured. I am not SaveMe Oh, and I will not publish transcripts of our conversations, or our emails/IMs, without your explicit permission!

Here’s my list of avatars. Many are still looking for good homes. I’m actually somewhat surprised that nobody has asked about my celebrity look-alike avatars like Marilyn Monroe, Elvis, or Cher:

If you are interested in inheriting one of these Second Life avatars, please contact me via email at ryanschultz [at] Gmail [dot] com (or via the Contact page on this blog). You can also approach me and talk to me in-world in Second Life, Sansar or another virtual world, or talk to me on one of the many community forums or Discord channels for the various virtual worlds of which I am a part (including my own Discord).

This has been a very interesting experience for me! I have already had some fascinating in-depth conversations with people this week, and I look forward to many more in the coming weeks and months! As I have said before, I do plan on living a long and healthy life, and playing Second Life well into my 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s, but you never know what can happen, and it always pays to be prepared for any eventuality. And, as I have said before, It would give me great pleasure to know that the avatars I lovingly created and outfitted will live on after my death. It’s a kind of digital immortality, and I honestly don’t think that it’s creepy at all.

Have a plan in place so your friends in virtual worlds will know what happened to you if you suddenly disappear off the grid! And think about what you want done with your digital assets if you should die. How will you choose to have things wrapped up?

An Update: Leaving My Second Life Avatars to Other People Via My Will (and Why Cancer Is Still Part of My Life)

By the way, even though my recent cancer scare is over, I am still actively drawing up my list of acquaintances, friends and family to whom I will leave all my Second Life avatars in my will.

(If you have already responded, thank you! And I will be in touch with you before the end of October. So far I have had about a dozen people send me messages, by email or in-world.)

Here’s the alphabetical list for you to peruse. The following four avatars are already spoken for:

  • Nada Nix (my goth girl avatar) I have decided to leave to Jenn (a.k.a. Xiola Linden), the Community Manager for Second Life at Linden Lab.
  • Rose Queen (my Caledon/steampunk/Victorian older woman avatar) is going to Blush Bravin of the Second Life brand Blushed (a.k.a Debi Baskerville in SL and Sansar).
  • Scarborough Fair (my medieval roleplay avatar) I am leaving to Solas NaGealai, co-owner of Silvan Moon Designs in Second Life.
  • Vanity Fair (my fashionista avatar) I have decided to leave to Strawberry Singh. I know that she will take good care of her!


And, if you are hesitating because you don’t really know me, except through this blog, please don’t. I still need to find homes for most of these avatars before I shuffle off this mortal coil! Don’t get me wrong—I plan on living a long and healthy life, and reaching a ripe old age, but you never know what can happen! And I would hate to think that all my creative work will go into the pixel bin….

All I ask is that we have at least one good, long, in-depth conversation (via phone, chat, or IM). I simply want to know who you are (and what you plan to do with my avatar) before I leave you one of these avatars, on which I have spent a great deal of time, energy, and (in some cases) money.

And, if you don’t want me to publicize your name, I can certainly honour that request too; just let me know in advance. I’d much rather leave these lovingly-created and outfitted avatars to people who actually enjoy and appreciate Second Life, as opposed to people who never use SL. And I know from my blog statistics that I do get a lot of visitors from SL. Thank you for your consideration. Here’s my contact page.

By the way, cancer is still very much a part of my life. My best friend in real life recently underwent surgery for serious prostate cancer, and he has learned that this cancer has spread and that he will soon have to undergo testosterone suppression therapy and radiation treatment. I feel afraid, angry and sad, and I also feel guilty that I’m OK and he’s not. He was back in the hospital for a  couple of days due to blood clots in both his lungs after his surgery, but he is at home resting and recovering now. Please keep my friend John in your thoughts and prayers.

Relay in Life for Second Life now has a very special meaning for me. Please consider supporting this annual fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. You can also consider making a donation to the Canadian Cancer Society. Thank you!


UPDATED! Leaving My Second Life Avatars to Other People in My Will: Taking the First Step in Figuring Out Who Gets What SL Avatar

Ryan as Maria
What do you do with a problem like Ryan?

(This picture came up on my Facebook memories today, and I wanted to share it with you. Those of you who know me well, know that this captures me and my personality, absolutely perfectly! As journalist Hunter S. Thompson said, “When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.” I am now, officially, a pro weirdo!)

First, I wanted to say a heartfelt “thank you” to all the people who reached out to me yesterday (and today) with best wishes for a successful outcome after I made my recent blogpost. Some of you are people whom I know in real life, and some of you are people I only know through Second Life, Sansar, or another virtual world.

Among the many well-wishers was the CEO of Sine Wave Entertainment, Adam Frisby (the company behind the virtual world Sinespace), who told me:

Pre-emptively, since your blog post hinted (and good luck btw!); we do allow transfer of accounts to an estate, with appropriate verifiable and official documentation. Generally though we consider accounts non-transferable in other cases without official exemption.

So Sinespace has a policy similar to Linden Lab’s for Second Life, where I can designate another person to receive my avatar and its inventory in the event of my death.

I’ve spent the evening thinking about how best to undertake the task of matching up my friends (both offline and online) and family with avatars from my Second Life avatar collection.

I have only made one firm decision so far: I am leaving my Scarborough Fair avatar (a medieval roleplayer with a huge inventory of medieval clothing collected over the past decade) to Solas NaGealai, the co-owner of Silvan Moon Designs, from whom I have bought many a beautiful historical gown in the past. (I’m also a blogger for Silvan Moon Designs.) Here’s what Scarborough Fair looks like:

Scarborough Fair in Snow White Gown by Oubliette 19 Apr 2018

As for the rest, well, I thought I would start off by posting an alphabetical list of all my avatars by name. That way, people can let me know if they are interested in inheriting an avatar with a particular name.

(I’m sorry, but I honestly couldn’t think of any easier way to do this than via blogpost. The communications involved in this whole process are going to be a bit of a nightmare, especially since I don’t know how to reach many of you, except through Second Life, Sansar, etc. And I do know that many of you follow and read this blog.)

Here’s the complete list, with a brief description of the purpose of each avatar (these avatars all have legacy first names and last names):

  • 2My Fairlady (freebie Altamura Emanuelle mesh avatar)
    Emanuelle 2 4 Aug 2018.png
  • Abiding Shepherd (a male urban angel; Seraphim in the City of Lost Angels roleplay; Akeruka Leon mesh head and Altamura Robert mesh body)
    Abiding Shepherd 26 Sept 2018.png
  • Alexandra McKenzie (originally a female Scottish pirate for historical roleplay; Genesis Lab mesh head and Afrodite mesh body by LUCYBODY)
    Alexandra McKenzie.png
  • April Mayflower (little girl; has a Toddledoo mesh head and body)
    April Mayflower 26 Sept 2018.png
  • Artist Scientist (originally a neoVictorian/steampunk avatar)
  • Autumn Winter (originally created as the avatar embodiment of Autumn)
  • Banjo Haystack (country bumpkin)
  • Beau Coeur
  • Betsy Blitz (1950s/1960s historical roleplay avatar)
    1950s Retro Look 30 June 2018
  • Bok Choi (Chinese man; Chinese emperor)
    Bok Choi 27 Sept 2018.jpg
  • BRlTNEY Spears (Britney Spears look-alike avatar, with a lowercase-L instead of an I in the first name; her nametag looks like “BRITNEY Spears” in-world)
    Britney Spears 27 Sept 2018.jpg
  • Bumbly Rumpler (Afro-Canadian/Afro-American; Akeruka Lulu mesh head and the non-freebie version of the Valentina Altamura mesh body which I got for only L$300 at the 2018 Skin Fair)
    Altamura Valentina Body Akeruka Lulu Head.png
  • Cher Popstar (Cher look-alike avatar)
    Cher Popstar 26 Sept 2018.png
  • Chi Mai (Chinese woman; Chinese empress)
    Chi Mai 13 May 2017_001.png
  • Clay Loam (originally created as a satyr/faun; freebie Altamura Max mesh body)
    Clay Loam 27 Sept 2018.jpg
  • Coffee Philter (unisex; either male or female)
  • Coupon Clip (one of my main avatars, currently a 1950s-styled dancer for tips at the Pino 1951 bar; Akeruka Maia head and Belleza Freya body; this avatar has also has been Alice in Wonderland; she also is the avatar embodiment of Winter/Christmas, with lots of snowy/winter/white/ice blue outfits)
    Coupon Clip at Pino 1951 Bar.png
  • Diana Huntress (originally created as a medieval archer; Altamura Giselle mesh head and Altamura Jenny mesh body)
    Diana Huntress 2 25 May 2018.png
  • Easton Weston (fat cop with doughnut; Piggu Jonathan fat man avatar)
    Easton Weston 27 Sept 2018.jpg
  • Elizabeth Queen (historical roleplay avatar, Queen Elizabeth I of England)
    Elizabeth Queen 27 Sept 2018.jpg
  • Elvis Popstar (Elvis Presley look-alike avatar, complete with white jumpsuit, microphone and wearable spotlights!)
    Elvis Popstar 26 Sept 2018.png
  • Escher Rembrandt (originally a neoVictorian/steampunk avatar)
  • Eve December (originally created as a Cabaret singer/Liza Minnelli look-alike)
  • Evil GossipGirl 😉 (Genesis Lab mesh head and Afrodite mesh body by LUCYBODY)Evil Gossipgirl 16 Sept 2018
  • Faerie Moon (male fairy)
    Faerie Moon 27 Sept 2018.jpg
  • Fairy Queen (female fairy; has a Yabusaka petite mesh avatar)
    Fairy Queen 27 Sept 2018.jpg
  • Fidelity Constantine (young Victorian woman)
  • Fire Bird (Firestorm phoenix/warrior superhero)
  • Fortune Telling (originally created as a fortune teller; gypsy)
    Fortune Telling 27 Sept 2018.jpg
  • Gene Pool (Asian- or Indo-Canadian)
  • Glee Delight (this is the avatar that got all the pink clothing! I think I will leave this avatar to Torley Linden of Linden Lab—all he has to do is add some green clothing and he’s all set!)
    Glee Delight 27 Sept 2018.jpg
  • Good Read (currently a very old man with a pipe and a smoking jacket)
    Good Read 26 Sept 2018.png
  • Grace Westland (old woman; Grandma)
  • Happy Delight (unisex; either male or female)
    Happy Delight Moon 13 Jan 2018_001.png
  • Hearts Delight (1960s hippie chick; harlequin)
    Hearts Delight 27 Sept 2018.jpg
  • Heath Applemoor (Ennis Del Mar avatar for Brokeback Mountain roleplay)
  • Heath Homewood (my main male avatar; Catwa head, Stray Dog skin and Belleza Jake body; owner of most of my non-clothing inventory assets, such as trees, houses, furniture, etc.)
    Heath Homewood Second Life 20 May 2018
  • Heilige Nacht (Seawolf dragon avatar)
  • Ilsa Svenska (blonde Swedish avatar; Altamura Giselle mesh head and Altamura Jenny mesh body)
    Baby Monkey 13 May 2018.png
  • Indigo Blue (male Na’vi from the movie Avatar)
    Indigo Blue 27 Sept 2018.jpg
  • itinerant Scribe (medieval scribe)
  • Jacqueline Laville (Victorian maid; housekeeper for Prim & Proper Cleaning Services; as a joke, I like to put her in various unexpected spots, like random stores or Frank’s Jazz Club, where she busily dusts or vacuums; “Lift your feet, hun.”)
    Jacqueline Laville 26 Sept 2018.png
  • Jake Greenwood (Jack Twist avatar for Brokeback Mountain roleplay)
  • JeanGuy Perrin
  • John Peacock (pirate; Johnny Depp look-alike avatar)
  • Joy Delight (this is the avatar that got all the purple clothing!)
    Joy Delight 27 Sept 2018.jpg
  • Karin Vasser (one of my favourite avatars, named after my mother; princess; geisha; she has all the kimonos!)
    Karin Vasser 13 May 2017_001.png
  • LadyGaga Inventor (Lady Gaga look-alike avatar)
  • Layne Carpool
  • Ledba Loon (get it? “lead balloon”? Piggu June fat girl avatar ; also a witch; has all my assorted witch outfits, brooms, etc.)
    Piggu 2 21 May 2018
  • Lily Pond
  • London Bridges (British male avatar)
  • MARlLYN Monroe (Marilyn Monroe look-alike avatar, with a lowercase-L instead of an I in the first name; her nametag looks like “MARILYN Monroe” in-world)
    Marilyn Monroe 26 Sept 2018.jpg
  • Mary Fang (Bloodlines role-play vampire; owns an Infinity amulet to avoid the Bloodlines blood curse, on which I very stupidly spent L$7,999!!!)Vampire Makeover After 1 22 Sept 2018
  • MaryPoppins Popstar (Mary Poppins look-alike avatar)
    Mary Poppins
  • Mason Carver
  • Maya Sass (Indo-Canadian; has my entire sari collection; Bollywood actress; Maia Akeruka mesh head and Afrodite mesh body by LUCYBODY)
    Maya Sass 27 Sept 2018.jpg
  • Michael Sixpence (Elizabethan courtier)
  • MichaelJ Moonwall (Michael Jackson look-alike avatar)
    MichaelJ Moonwall 26 Sept 2018.png
  • Morden Winkler (my gay clotheshorse avatar, named after a pair of towns in Manitoba’s Mennonite Bible Belt; Catwa head, Stray Dog skin and Signature Gianni body)
    Bakaboo 3 13 Aug 2018
  • Nada Nix (my goth girl avatar; she wears only three colours: white, black, and red; I think I will leave this to Jenn, the Community Manager for Second Life at Linden Lab, since I know she has a thing for goth!)
    Nada Nix 26 Sept 2018.png
  • Notecard Writer (my professional librarian avatar)
  • Oceana Waters (my mermaid avatar; has a complete collection of mermaid outfits and AOs)
    Oceana Waters 27 Sept 2018
  • Olga Thorsveld
  • PARlS Hilton (“The Paris Hilton of SL”; Paris Hilton look-alike avatar, with a lowercase-L instead of an I in the first name; her nametag looks like “PARIS Hilton” in-world)
    Paris Hilton at Frank's Place Jazz Club in Second Life 12 May 2017_001.png
  • Peace Dove (the avatar embodiment of peace)
    Peace Dove 27 Sept 2018
  • Pepper Salter (originally created to be Red Riding Hood or Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz)
  • Peter Church (black Jamaican)
  • Pixel Farmer (originally created as my artist avatar; has the non-freebie version of the Valentina Altamura mesh head and body which I got for only L$300 at the 2018 Skin Fair)
    Altamura Valentina 2 11 Mar 2018_001
  • Prayerful Vigil (female angel; currently has the Altamura Giselle mesh head and the Altamura Jenny mesh body)
    Angel Michaela 3 30 Mar 2018.png
  • Queen Ishnoo
  • Richard Lionheart (King Richard historical roleplay avatar; knight)
  • Rose Queen (one of my favourite avatars, a Caledon/steampunk/Victorian old woman; LAQ Vivien mesh head and Maitreya Lara mesh body)
    Rose Queen Exploring New Babbage 14 Mar 2018_001
  • Rose Rage (originally created as a female drow/dark elf)
  • Ryan Harbour
  • Ryan Love
  • Santa Rudolf (my Santa Claus avatar; I pull him out every Christmas and he travels all over the grid, wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas!)
    Santa Rudolf 26 Sept 2018.png
  • Scarborough Fair (Medieval, Renaissance, Elizabethan England, 1920s Berlin & Chicago historical roleplay avatar; Akeruka Lulu mesh head and Maitreya Lara mesh body; owner of various Mikki Miles musical instruments such as lutes and harps; I am leaving this avatar to Solas NaGealai, the co-owner of Silvan Moon Designs)
    Scarborough Fair Playing Lute 21 August 2017_001.png
  • Schnitzel Wiener (Bavarian German in lederhosen)
  • Silver Quick (originally created as an elf or troll; now unisex/both male and female)
  • Sim Hopper (hiker with a random teleport backpack; also a superhero)
  • SisterMary Blister (short, fat Catholic sister; comes with an Abranimations HUD to rezz a flock of penguins to follow her around)
    SisterMary Blister 27 Sept 2018.jpg
  • Sitcom Writer (butch lesbian; fitness model with DEV mesh head and body)Sitcom Writer 26 Sept 2018.png
  • Sternen Nacht (wizard, Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings)
    Sternen Nacht 27 Sept 2018.jpg
  • Summer Fall (the avatar embodiment of Summer)
  • That Guy (“Yes, I’m that guy.”; Akeruka Aron mesh head and the freebie version of the TMP male avatar mesh body, with all the free clothing that now comes from TMP)
    That Guy 27 Apr 2018.png
  • Treehugger Cliffhanger (unisex; either male or female)
  • Unusual Delight (Queen of Hearts avatar; Akeruka Lulu mesh head and the dollarbie Classic eBody mesh body)
    Whysical 1 16 May 2018
  • Valentina VonBaum (redhead; the avatar embodiment of Valentine’s Day; Altamura Giselle mesh head and Altamura Jenny mesh body)
    Scandalize Dress 14 May 2018.png
  • Vanity Fair (my main female avatar; Catwa Kimberly head, The Skinnery Daria skin and Maitreya Lara body; over 216,000 items in her inventory, mostly clothing)
    Vanity Fair Prim Drop Happy New Year Bay City 1 Jan 2017_001
    J&W Jewelers The Secret of Jade Necklace and Earrings.png
  • Velcro Zipper (drag queen; clown)
    Velcro Zipper at Franks 3 APr 2018_001
  • War Hawk (warrior; Roman gladiator; avatar embodiment of war; has an Aesthetic mesh bodybuilder body)
  • Winona Sweetwater (First Nations/aboriginal Canadian chief)
  • Woofie Roffo (wolf; TWI Timber Wolf avatar; also a German Shepherd dog)
  • Xena Kleb (originally created as a court jester; also a harlequin)
    Xena Kleb 27 Sept 2018
  • Yvonne Leblanc (*DOLLCOCO* doll)
    Yvonne Leblanc 27 Sept 2018.jpg
  • Zelda Leeming

Almost all the female avatars have the three free group gift Bento mesh heads from Akeruka (Lulu, Kumiko, and Maia). They also have all three free Altamura mesh avatars (Jenny, Valentina, and Emanuelle). They may also have the dollarbie versions of the Classic and Curvy eBody mesh avatar bodies and the freebie Afrodite LUCYBODY mesh avatar body.
Maia Head 1 June 2018.png

Almost all the male avatars have the three free group gift Bento mesh heads from Akeruka (Aron, Keiji, and Leon). They also have all five free Altamura mesh avatars (Robert, both versions of Max, Tommy, and last year’s TeleportHub.com group gift Aaron). All male avatars also have a complete set of the freebies from Kauna men’s clothing.

All the unisex avatars have both the male and female mesh avatar heads and bodies listed above.

If you are interested in inheriting one of these Second Life avatars, please contact me via email at ryanschultz [at] Gmail [dot] com (or via the Contact page on this blog). You can also approach me and talk to me in-world in Second Life, Sansar or another virtual world, or talk to me on one of the many community forums or Discord channels for the various virtual worlds of which I am a part.

THESE AVATARS ARE ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY *NOT* FOR SALE! THEY WILL ONLY BE GIVEN AS AN INHERITANCE IN MY WILL, IN THE EVENT OF MY DEATH, in accordance with the Second Life Terms and Conditions (Terms of Service) and Linden Lab’s posted official policy on Death and Other Worries Outside Second Life.

I must have your legal (real life) name for my will, and a reliable means of contact (telephone number preferred; email address is acceptable). I will NOT be giving any avatars to anybody that I do NOT know, or with whom I have NOT had at least one good, long, in-depth conversation! I do want to know who you are (and what you plan to do with my avatar) before I leave you one of these avatars, on which I have spent a great deal of time, energy, and (in some cases) money. I will be in touch with you by phone (or email, or chat) and I alone will make the final decision as to whether or not to let you inherit one of my avatars, and which one(s).

I know that many of you already have significant investments in your own avatar(s), but if you are interested in one of these avatars, let’s talk. It would give me great pleasure to know that somebody will appreciate and use Second Life avatars which I have lovingly created and designed, and for which I endlessly shopped for freebies! 🙂

And, I apologize in advance to the staff at Linden Lab for the work that this will likely create for them at some future point. Please understand that I am only doing this because I love Second Life, and I want my creations to have a life beyond my death, and continue to give enjoyment and pleasure to people after I am gone. I do not plan on dying soon, but it pays to be prepared for any eventuality!

And I realize that by publishing this list, I may get into trouble with Linden Lab for having so many avatars. You know what? F*** it. I might have cancer, and nothing else really matters right now.

UPDATE 7:06 p.m.: I have added a few more pictures to my list of avatars, so you can see what they look like. I also had a nice long chat with my psychiatrist today, and she made me realize that what I am doing here is simply trying to assert some control in a situation where I am not in control. This is apparently a very normal, human response to a situation like a health crisis.

UPDATE Sept. 27th: I couldn’t sleep, so I updated this blogpost with more pictures of my avatars.

UPDATED! Second Life Steals, Deals and Freebies: Free and Inexpensive Mesh Heads and Bodies for Female Second Life Avatars

WARNING! This is a long, long, looong blogpost, which I constantly keep as up-to-date as possible as I come across new products. Instead of adding onto the end, I just post links to new posts from this blogpost. 

PLEASE NOTE! Caroline Walker (MizCarol) has taken much of this information provided here, and compiled a list of currently available free and inexpensive mesh heads and bodies for both men and women here: The FabFree Mesh Body and Head Listing. There are a few items listed in MizCarol’s list that are not on this list, so it pays to check both! (Thank you for your hard work, Caroline!)


PLEASE NOTE: For a current, up-to-date list of free options for male mesh avatar bodies, please see this blogpost

Mesh heads and bodies can be very expensive! This blogpost is my attempt to summarize all the options available to you if you can’t afford a pricey Bento mesh head or body, but still want to replace your old system avatar with a fully mesh one.

First, let’s just recap all the options for free or inexpensive mesh avatar bodies for women:

  • the Jenny Altamura mesh avatar head and body at the Freebie Megastore at London City (free; one skin tone; has Bento hands and head; more information here); you can remove the head and replace it with any other head, only if you got the freebie Jenny body from last year’s Women Only Hunt; however, you cannot remove the head if you pick it up now at the London City Freebie Megastore)
  • the Valentina Altamura mesh avatar head and body at the freebie store at Ajuda SL Brasil (free; one skin tone; has Bento hands and head; more information here); note that you cannot remove the head on this particular free body
  • the Emanuelle Altamura mesh avatar head and body at the Altamura mainstore (free; one skin tone; has Bento hands and head; more information here; to get this free group gift you must join the Altamura Design/Mesh Avatars group for L$50); you can remove the head and replace it with any other head. UPDATE: This gift is now available at this exact SLURL at the Unihispana Crea freebie store, but I am going to assume, like all the other Altamura freebies, that you cannot remove the head.
  • the dollarbie versions of the Classic and Curvy eBody mesh avatar bodies (these were L$1 each but are now FREE; 12 possible skin tones; vendors are available at the freebie stores at Ajuda SL Brasil and UniHispana Creaand also at the eBody mainstore; these mesh bodies do not have Bento hands, and they have “thick” alpha selections on the included HUD, which means you have to be somewhat careful what you wear with them; they also now support Bakes on Mesh with a free BoM relay HUD available at the eBody store)
  • the Afrodite mesh avatar body by LUCYBODY (free Midnight Madness gift; 256 possible skintones; has Bento hands; you must join the Lucyshoes group for free to get this gift; more information here) UPDATE Nov. 4th: It has been reported to me that the Afrodite mesh body is no longer available as a Midnight Madness gift at the LUCYSHOES/LUCYBODY mainstore, and I can confirm this. It costs L$1,000 now. Thank you, LittleMe Jewell!
  • UPDATE Oct. 21st: There’s a new free Kim Altamura mesh avatar head and body available at the UniHispana Crea Gateway Community sim (more information here); note that you cannot remove the head on this particular free body. UPDATE: This body is no longer available, sorry!
  • UPDATE Nov. 3rd: Altamura has graced us with yet another free body gift in the First Annual SL Frees & Offers Hunt: the Estephania Altamura mesh avatar head and body! (more information here; note that you cannot remove the head on this particular free body.) UPDATE: This gift is no longer available at the Altamura mainstore, sorry!
  • UPDATE Dec. 11th: Another free option for a mesh full-body avatar is the Ruth Too RC3, scroll down to the end of this blogpost for more details!
  • UPDATE Dec. 28th: Altamura has released yet another free mesh avatar head and body package, called Clodet (more information here). UPDATE: This gift is no longer available at the Altamura mainstore, sorry!
  • UPDATE Feb. 14th, 2019: If you were on the ball, you were able to pick up the free, fully-featured Juliet mesh head and body package as a Valentine’s Day gift from the Altamura booth at the eBENTO Event. More details here.
  • UPDATE Feb. 20th, 2019: I have found a new inexpensive mesh body I had not heard of before, called the Sahara Mesh Avatar. UPDATE: This is no longer available, sorry!
  • UPDATE April 25th, 2019: I talk about the inexpensive Ocacin Standard and Voluptuous mesh bodies.
  • UPDATE May 3rd, 2019: I talk about the custom full-body mesh avatars by NI9HT at the very end of this long blogpost!
  • UPDATE June 6th, 2019: Akeruka has a new group gift of a female Bento mesh head called Cleo, for only L$1 until June 20th, 2019! Details are here.
  • UPDATE June 21st, 2019: Boataom has a group gift of a static mesh head if you join their group for L$99, details are in the Boataom section below.
  • UPDATE June 22nd, 2019: The Yala Club offers a free Maitreya-compatible Ruth mesh body, details in the Ruth section below. UPDATE: This is no longer available, sorry! I have removed the info as it is now out-of-date.
  • UPDATE July 20th, 2019: The freebie store at Ajuda SL Brasil now has a free Bento mesh body called Tina, details at the end of this blogpost. UPDATE: And, as quickly as it appeared, Tina has disappeared! I assume that this is because it was stolen content. So I have removed Tina from this blogpost.
  • UPDATE Nov. 7th, 2019: I report on two dollarbie Bakes on Mesh avatars sold by Rule of Rose, in this blogpost.
  • UPDATE Nov. 29th, 2019: I have added an inexpensive head from Eve to the Eve & Adam section below.
  • UPDATE Dec. 14th, 2019: Altamura has now made fourteen full-body male and female mesh avatars available for free in their store!
  • UPDATE Jan. 16th, 2020: I have added a new full-body mesh avatar called Djana, which uses Bakes on Mesh (at the very end of this very long blogpost!).
  • UPDATE March 4th, 2020: Sweet’s has a Bakes-on-Mesh Bento mesh head and a Maitreya-compatible, Bakes-on-Mesh Bento mesh body for female avatars available for only L$1 each on the SL Marketplace! More details here.
  • UPDATE March 15th, 2020: LucyBody is offering a Midnight Madness prize of a fully-featured, Maitreya Lara-compatible Bento female mesh body called Atenea, for free! More details here.
  • UPDATE March 22nd, 2020: Genesis Lab is now offering a 99% discount on version 3.8 of the Eva female Bento mesh head, which is compatible with Omega and Bakes on Mesh. If you join the GenesisLab group, you can pick it up for only L$20! More details here.
  • UPDATE March 26th, 2020: There’s a new, free Bakes-on-Mesh compatible, female Bento mesh head called Ciara available from Dream. More details here.
  • UPDATE April 3rd, 2020: The Genus Project has announced a free, Bakes-on-Mesh compatible, female Bento mesh head, which is available in-store and as a free group gift from their group. More details here.
  • UPDATE April 11th, 2020: There’s a new dollarbie group gift over at Akeruka, a limited-edition Bakes on Mesh Bento female head. More details here.
  • UPDATE April 17th, 2020: The Ultimate Meshbody is celebrating its first anniversary by giving away dollarbie male and female versions of their original, Classic mesh body! More details here.
  • UPDATE May 3rd, 2020: Catwa has released a free group gift of a unisex Bento mesh head, called Freya! More details here.
  • UPDATE May 8th, 2020: I review a new, free mesh full-body (i.e. head and body) female avatar on the SL Marketplace, called the Viva Full Featured Mesh Avatar (Level 3). More details here. (UPDATE Jan. 30th, 2021: I have posted an updated review of version 3 of the Viva mesh head and body here.)
  • UPDATE May 12th, 2020: There’s a new, very busty, free Bento, Bakes-on-Mesh female mesh body called Ruthie available from Tiny Things. More details here.
  • UPDATE May 29th, 2020: Little Black Dress is giving away a free Bakes-on-Mesh Ruth 2.0 mesh body for female avatars. More details here.
  • UPDATE June 7th, 2020: There’s a new, free, Bento, Bakes-on-Mesh compatible full-body female mesh avatar called Ariadne by Kalhene! Details can be found here and here. FIRST UPDATE June 25th, 2020: The Kalhene Ariadna body was removed late last night from the SL Marketplace; more information is here. SECOND UPDATE July 29th, 2020: The free Ariadna body is gone, but the Kalhene store has just released new, Maitreya Lara-compatible mesh bodies called Anya (female) and Alexa (flat-chested/transgender) for L$1,695 each (more information here).
  • UPDATE June 22nd, 2020: I review the free Ultra Vixen II female full-body mesh avatar. More details here
  • UPDATE July 29th, 2020: There is a new, free, Bento, Bakes-on-Mesh-compatible full-body female mesh avatar by G&D, called Ruth 3.5. More information here.
  • UPDATE July 31st, 2020: The free RuthTooRC3 full-body Bento mesh body by Heavy Industries now supports Bakes on Mesh! More details here.
  • UPDATE Aug. 12th, 2020: There is a limited-time offer of L$99 for a very nice, Bento, Bakes on Mesh-compatible female mesh head called Bae by META. More information can be found here.
  • UPDATE Oct. 12th, 2020: META has released a second Bakes on Mesh, Bento mesh female head called Ava, which is also only L$99. More details here.
  • UPDATE Oct. 24th, 2020: Until November 6th, 2020, LOGO is offering free Bento, Bakes on Mesh heads for both male and female avatars!
  • UPDATE Nov. 16th, 2020: There is an attractive Bento, Bakes on Mesh female head called Chivasa, sold on the SL Marketplace for only L$1! More details here.
  • UPDATE Nov. 22nd, 2020: If you join the Dream store group for L$50, you can slap the Midnight Madness boards in-store and win the Jennifer and Naomi female mesh bodies!
  • UPDATE December 9th, 2020: LeLutka is giving away a brand new group gift, the Lilly Bento, Bakes on Mesh-compatible head, but only until Boxing Day, December 26th, 2020; more information can be found here.
  • UPDATE December 10th, 2020: Akeruka is once again giving a L$1 group gift of the W08 Bento, Bakes on Mesh female head (the Akeruka group costs L$150 to join; more information here).
  • UPDATE Dec. 19th, 2020: Altamura is giving away a free, Bento full-body female avatar that is Bakes on Mesh compatible, called Movin’ On! More details here.
  • UPDATE Jan. 28th, 2021: I review the Minou female mesh body by Little Devil, which is free and compatible with Maitreya Lara apparel and footwear.
  • UPDATE March 26th, 2021: TODAY ONLY, you can pick up the CATWA HDPRO Queen Bakes on Mesh, Bento female mesh head for just L$1!
  • UPDATE April 11th, 2021: Rose & Gothic are selling the Stacy mesh body for only one Linden dollar on the SL Marketplace!
  • UPDATE April 16th, 2021: If you were on the ball and picked up the free Chase and Chelsea heads from LOGO last October, did you know that you can pick up a new male or female LOGO Bento mesh head for only L$300, each and every month? More details on LOGO’s Group Deal of the Month here!
  • UPDATE June 18th, 2021: Akeruka has a new female Bento, Bakes on Mesh head called W21, for only L$1 if you join their group for L$150. Details here.
  • UPDATE August 23rd, 2021: Ca’lum has released four different Bento, Bakes on Mesh female heads on the SL Marketplace, for one Linden dollar each!
  • UPDATE November 6th, 2021: Kalhene has a new free group gift if you join their group for free: a fully-featured female Bento mesh head called Leah! Details here.

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to remove the heads from the Altamura freebie bodies:

  1. Attach the included Altamura HUD.
  2. Click on the white head in the HUD once to remove the head (this only works on the Juliet gift, the 2017 Women Only Hunt version of Jenny, and on the Emannuelle gift formerly available at the Altamura mainstore, but unfortunately NOT on any of the other free Altamura bodies);
  3. Remember to also click the eyelashes, teeth, and hairbase buttons to remove those as well!
  4. Then everything from the neck up should be removed, so you can add your own mesh head.

Now, let’s talk about free or inexpensive mesh heads to go with those bodies!


If you haven’t yet joined the Akrueka group (called [AK] Heads News & Support) for L$150, you should really consider it. If you had joined the [AK] Heads News & Support group for L$150 three years ago, you would have picked up no less than ten fully-featured, fully-adjustable Bento mesh heads by now—which works out to only L$15 per head! So join the Akeruka group and keep your eyes peeled for announcements of freebie or dollarbie mesh heads every six months or so 😉


Now, here’s the Takaru mesh head from from Boataom for only L$10, which comes is six different static versions with different facial expressions, and which you can change the lipstick, blush, and eyeliner on, using the included HUD:

Free Mesh Heads 4 24 Sept 2018.jpg

(It’s got a bit of a Japanese anime look to it, which is not exactly to my taste, but it might suit your needs perfectly!)

UPDATE June 21st, 2019: I have been told that if you join the Boataom group for L$99, you can pick up the Disella static mesh head as a group gift:


This is what the Disella head looks like. It comes in two skin tones, with two separate, adjustable sets of ears to match and a HUD with six different colours of lipsticks:

Disells Head 26 June 2019

I tried, but I could not adjust the size of the eye opening, which I think leaves Disella with a perpetually surprised look! You might have better luck with a different set of (system or mesh) eyes from your inventory.


Genesis Lab

UPDATE Jan. 9th, 2020: The Genesis Lab group is now free to join, but I don’t know for how long! More details here.

If you go to the Genesis Lab mainstore and join their group (called GenesisLab, all one word) for L$99 (there is a group join panel on the Group Gifts wall at this SLURL), you can pick up three lovely mesh heads as free group gifts: Makena (an albino head), Lara, and Kenna:

Genesis Lab heads 24 Sept 2018.jpg

The Lara head comes with a HUD to control the included mesh eyes (4 different eye colours), plus 4 options for the eyebrows and hairbase (red, blonde, brown and black), 4 options for eyeshadow, 4 options for skin tone, and 8 options for lipstick. Here’s what she looks like:

Freebies from SL 2 10 May 2018
Genesis Lab – Lara Mesh Head

The Kenna head, which is probably my favourite static mesh head, comes with a HUD to control the included mesh eyes (8 different eye colours), plus 8 different eyebrow and hairbase colours, plus 8 choices for each of the head’s lipstick, eyeliner and eyeshadow. Here’s what she looks like:

Kenna head 24 Sept 2018
Genesis Lab – Kenna Mesh Head

The Makena albino mesh head from Genesis Lab comes with mesh eyes, but it does not have any other options. As you can see, she’s quite striking:

Genesis Labs Mesh Head Albino 9 May 2018
Genesis Lab – Makena Mesh Head

Altamura Maya

Perhaps the best option for a free mesh head is the Maya head, available from the Altamura mainstore. This is a totally free gift (you do not need to join the Altamura group to get it), but it’s kind of tucked away in a remote corner of the store, so use this exact SLURL to locate it (just use the Map feature in your SL viewer, click on the Show Selection button, and follow the red arrow). This is a static mesh head with one HUD to change the skin tone to one of four options, plus two HUDs for makeup options (again, I have paired it with the Curvy eBody mesh avatar body). This is the Maya head with all the makeup options turned off, so you can see the features more clearly. I think it’s quite attractive!

Maya mesh head 24 Sept 2018.jpg

So there you go, all your best options for free and inexpensive Second Life mesh avatar heads and bodies! You do not need to spend a small fortune to have a good-looking mesh avatar in SL!

So, have I missed any bargains in mesh heads? If so, please leave me a comment, thanks!


There is a vendor on the SL Marketplace called 300mg, who is selling 6 free mesh heads, of which one is a female head called Amra. Here’s the picture from the vendor:


But when I tried it on, I found that it wouldn’t work with the default system avatar eyes. And (despite the assertion on the product listing that it has Copy/Modify permissions), I found I could not resize the head to fix the problem. So you will have to use the Amra head with a complete body alpha which removes the system eyes, and use mesh eyes instead (such as the ones which are part of the Genesis Lab mesh head packages). Make sure you take a copy of the mesh eyes first and use the copy, as you will have to adjust them to fit this head. The free Amra head comes with a HUD with six static facial expressions, but it does not come with eyelashes, so you’ ll have to buy those separately. Here’s the result, with the mesh eyes from the Kenna head and the Curvy eBody mesh body:

Amra Head 25 Sept 2018.png

As you can see, it’s quite a striking look, and definitely an option for those of you who wish to have a darker-skinned mesh avatar but don’t have a lot of Linden dollars to spend.


Yabusaka sells a kit which allows you make your own customizable mesh head for L$9,999, but she also sells a demo version of the kit for free on the SL Marketplace, which includes the following free sample mesh head, which you might want to try out:

Yabusaka 25 Sept 2018.png

Strawberry Singh blogged about this head, and also created the following video:

UPDATE Sept. 26th:


Someone on the official Second Life community forums sent me a message:

Safybelle has a mesh head you can “earn” by playing her in-world traffic game. All you would need is some time, a group slot, and L$99 for the Omega plugin.

So I went to the Safybelle store in-world (here’s the SLURL), joined her group for free, and started playing her game:

Safybelle 26 Sept 2018.jpg

You can play the roulette-wheel game up to 10 times every 24 hours to earn points:

Safybelle 4 26 Sept 2018.jpg

You can find other locations to play this game on the Safybelle website. (There only seems to be the one location at the moment.)

Once you earn 30,000 points, you can get this Jessy 3 Bento mesh head for FREE! (I only earned 2,110 points in my first ten tries at the roulette wheel, so it’s probably going to take about 15 days of playing to earn 30,000 points.)

Safybelle 2 26 Sept 2018.jpg

If amassing 30,000 points seems like too unattainable a goal, there are also two other prize vendors within the store itself (here’s the SLURL), where you can get the Jessy 2 model Bento mesh head for only 16,000 points, or the Elwing elf Bento head (with animated ears) for only 19,900 points:

Safybelle 5 26 Sept 2018.jpg

After that, all you will need is the Safybelle Omega relay applier (available on the SL Marketplace for L$99), and you will be able to use any Omega-compatible skin with your Jessy 3, Jessy 2, or Elwing Bento mesh head!

Thanks for the tip, Fionalein! 🙂

UPDATE Oct. 7th: Well, I finally collected the 30,000 points to get the free Jessy 3 Bento mesh head from Safybelle, and it is definitely worth all the work to earn those points! Here’s what the head looks like, along with the HUD:

Safybelle Jessy 3 Head 7 Oct 2018.png

The Jessy 3 head comes complete with:

  • 12 hairbase tones
  • 9 skin tones
  • 8 eyebrow styles and colours
  • 5 styles of eyelashes
  • mesh eyes in 27 different colours, with a reflections option
  • 8 colours of lipstick
  • 4 tintable blushes / 4 styles of freckles / 4 facial tattoos
  • 12 kinds of eyeshadow and eyeliner
  • a choice of human or elf ears (with an elf ear animation)
  • a choice of angry, sad, sexy, happy, or standard facial animations
  • and it even has 8 different settings for eyeblink animations!

For a free, fully-adjustable, Omega compatible Bento mesh head, this is truly a super deal! The Jessy 3 head compares quite favourably with Bento mesh heads costing L$5,000 or more! So head over to the Safybelle store and get that roulette wheel a-spinning! And, even better, if you’ve already used up your 10 turns for the day, you can still play the sploder pig to earn more points!

UPDATE Oct. 9th: Well, I’ve had a few more days to play with the Safybelle Jessy 3 Bento mesh head, and I am going to have to retract my statement that the head is “fully-adjustable”. It turns out that many of the head appearance sliders (particularly those under the Head and Chin sections) do not change the features of this head, as they would with a fully Bento mesh head by Catwa or another maker. You can still make some adjustments to the eyes, nose, and mouth, though. I still think that this is a great deal for a mesh head, I just wanted to add that clarification to my earlier enthusiastic comments.

Here’s a picture of the Safybelle Jessy 3 head with the elf ears enabled. The ears can be animated, and it’s fun to watch them move and twitch!

Safybelle Jessy 3 head 9 Oct 2018

Ruth 2.0

Another option for those of you without Linden dollars to spend is the entirely free, open source female mesh avatar head and body package, called Ruth Too RC3, which is available on the SL Marketplace by Heavy Industries. There are three packages available, which include not only the mesh head and body, and HUDs for 9 different skin tones and alpha selections, but even starter hair, a dress, and shoes! 

Ruth Too RC3 11 Dec 2018.png

With the included alpha HUD, you can pretty much make clothing designed for any other mesh avatar body work with Ruth. Here is Ruth wearing the free Clover dress from the Baby Monkey capsule wardrobe available at the Free*Style store (more details here) as well as the free Sonnet pumps from the freebie store at Hilly Haalan (more details here). I had to adjust the pumps a bit to feet the feet, but it worked out okay. I added the free Alli & Ali Marilyn hairstyle from the selection at The Free Dove, and here’s the final look:

Ruth Too RC3 2 11 Dec 2018.png

Looking good for zero Lindens!

Heavy Industries is not the only vendor selling the Ruth 2.0 mesh body. You can also get one for free from Vlad Blackburn, or for L$1 from The Body Studio Store. Duck Girl also sells a Ruth RC3 hands, feet and nails update for L$1. I’m sure there are others if you search on “Ruth” or “Roth” on the Second Life Marketplace.

The Ruth and Roth mesh avatars are already quite popular on the various OpenSim virtual worlds, so it is no surprise to see them make an appearance in Second Life. Here is a link to the Ruth and Roth Avatar Project page on GitHub.


Altamura Leila

UPDATE Dec. 19th, 2018: The 8th day Advent gift at Altamura is a fully-adjustable, Omega-compatible, female Bento mesh head called Leila (you do have to join the Altamura group for L$25 to pick up this gift; more information here):

Altamura Leila Head 19 Dec 2018

This head is only available until Christmas, and then it’s gone, so hurry down!

Here is what the Altamura Leila head looks like with all the default makeup removed, the free LAQ Joline Omega skin applied, and a dollarbie Omega lipstick by Poema added, with a Maitreya Lara body (LAQ body appliers to match the LAQ skintones are L$300 per tone):

Leila Head 20 Dec 2018

Looking very good!

Sahara Mesh Avatar, Skins and Basic Mesh Head

UPDATE July 29th, 2020: This body seems to no longer be available, sorry!

I discovered that I had overlooked yet another option for an inexpensive female mesh avatar, called the Sahara Mesh Avatar body. At this SLURL (warning: adult-rated sim), you can pick up the following items:

  • the Sahara Mesh Avatar for L$29;
  • a Basic Mesh Head for L$1; and
  • a package of 5 skins for L$1

The sign indicates that the Sahara Mesh Avatar is Maitreya Lara compatible, and I found that clothes and shoes designed for Maitreya did indeed work well with this mesh body. The Basic Mesh Head is non-Bento, and it does have some flaws around the neck seam area, although an included facelight seems to fix the situation somewhat. (You can replace it with any other mesh head, as I did in the second picture below.) Not that the body is not Omega-compatible and it does not have Bento hands.

Here is what the final result looks like, along with the HUD to select alpha sections:

Actually, not a bad result at all for a Maitreya-compatible body for only L$31 total! Here’s what the body looks like with the Akeruka Maia Bento mesh head that was available last June as a group gift:

The hands on the Sahara mesh body are particularly lovely (especially compared to the hands on the freebie eBody mesh bodies), but they do have one small problem: although there is a fingernail texture applier HUD included in the package, there are no fingernail textures! So the default fingernails on this body are a grey colour.

However, I was able to use the fingernail texture applier HUD with a light pink texture already in my inventory, and it worked out okay.

Ocacin Standard and Voluptuous

One inexpensive mesh body that I have not yet talked about is by a company called Ocacin. They don’t seem to have an in-world store, but they do sell both the Ocacin Standard Mesh Bento Body version 2 for L$250 and the Ocacin Voluptuous Bento Fitmesh Body version 1 for only L$100 on the SL Marketplace.

The Ocacin mesh bodies come in only one skintone, and they have only one HUD, to control the alpha selections, which are arranged rather strangely. While both Marketplace listings say that these bodies have Bento-compatible hands, I found that neither would work with my Bento AO. In this picture you can see the alpha HUD and the Ocacin Standard body, paired with the Akeruka Lulu Bento mesh head (a choker hides the slight seam at the neck):

I did find the toes on these bodies to be a bit ugly. You can use the HUD to hide the default high-heeled feet, and replace them with four other kinds of the feet from the Add Ons folder: flat, mid heels, and killer heels, plus a pair of feet which are compatible with MAP brand feet. Oddly, when you remove the default feet and replace them with another pair, the red toenails of the original feet are not removed! Adjusting your avatar’s hover height should fix this irritating bug, though.

I can’t figure out how to change the toenail or fingernail colours, or adjust the fingernail length (which by default is rather long).


When I first came across the Mrs. Philips avatar in-world, I did a complete double-take. She looked so real! The texture work is amazing!

And when I discovered that you could buy the Mrs. Philips full-body mesh avatar for only L$300, I snapped one up right away! The body comes with Bento hands, and includes the outfit, jewelry and hairstyle. All I did was make the arms a little longer, and the head a little smaller, and I added a free purse, a group gift from Belle Epoque at the 7th anniversary of the FaMESHed event on now.

Of course, there’s a catch. And that is that the clothing is part of the avatar mesh and cannot be removed. (The nacklace and bracelets are a separate attachment.) So if you’re not too fussy about what your avatar is wearing, but you want a completely different look from all the young-looking people around you, this might be your thing. It’s my new favourite avatar to slip on when I wander around the grid exploring!

NI9HT also sells custom full-body nude avatars. Again, you won’t be able to dress them (no clothing will likely fit the custom mesh bodies and there’s no HUD with alpha selections available), but if you’re just wanting to use one for dancing/stripping/escort work in SL, or you only hang out at nude beaches, they might be perfect for you.

Here’s a link to their store on the SL Marketplace, if you are interested to see what other custom full-body avatars NI9HT has to offer. Warning: some of the images of the nude avatars are NSFW!

UPDATE Jan. 16th, 2020:

Djana Bakes on Mesh Avatar

The dollarbie Djana Bakes on Mesh avatar from the SL Marketplace by **SD** is a complete head-and-body mesh avatar (based on Ruth 2.0) which supports Bakes on Mesh skins and makeup. You can remove the head and use any other Bakes on Mesh-compatible mesh head. Both the head and the body are fully adjustable using the sliders, but the head still has a bit of a blocky look to it, despite my best efforts.

Even more perplexing, the included shape is no modify, which is frankly useless. For these pictures, I used the Gretchen starter avatar shape as my starting point, along with the Gretchen ballgown. No skin was included, so I used one of the system skins which were part of one of the free group gifts from Genesis Labs, their Cream skin with black eyebrows, and I added one of the black Jumo system hairbases with the Janelle updo (a recent Advent gift).

Here is what she looks like (there is a slight but noticeable seam between the head and the body):

The hands are Bento, but the feet do not appear to be Maitreya or Slink-compatible, and they come in only one foot shape (high), so you might have some difficulty finding shoes that fit this avatar. I finally found a pair of (unrigged) Sonnet pumps from Hilly Haalan for Maitreya feet that worked, but I had to leave off the foot base (which turned the feet white!) and adjust them to fit manually.

I’m still fiddling with the shape and the head is still a little blocky for my personal tastes, but overall, it’s a good mesh body for just one Linden dollar!