Drax Shows Off the Many Non-Humanoid Avatars Already Available in Sansar

You are no longer limited to a human-looking avatar in Sansar. Draxtor Despres has made a short video spotlighting the many non-humanoid avatars you can already use and enjoy in Sansar! Theanine, Ravioli, and other creators are selling attachments that can turn you into an alien, an alligator, or even a teddy bear!

For example, you can get Theanine’s gator head (for female avatars, which comes in two separate parts: one and two), which is rigged to move properly when you speak. You can also get matching alligator arms and legs:

Alligator Sansar Store 1 March 2018.png

And here’s a photo of Daisy Gator, wearing those items:

HoverDerby 1 19 Feb 2018

Thank you to the many talented Sansar creators who are pushing the envelope of what is possible for avatar appearance!

Video: A VR Skeptic Tries Out a Prototype Haptic Glove

David Hall shared the following YouTube video on the official Sansar Discord server. Destin, the creator of this video, was able to try out a new haptic glove in virtual reality. He admits he’s a VR skeptic, but the sensory feedback of this haptic glove was so realistic that he was won over. He could actually feel each of the feet of a virtual spider as it crawled over his palm!

Obviously, it’s a prototype, and not yet available for consumers. (Check out the giant size of the cable connecting the glove to the PC!) But it’s still very, very cool. Something to look forward to in future, perhaps within the next decade!

Here’s the company blurb, taken from the YouTube video description:

HaptX is a multidisciplinary team of engineers based in San Luis Obispo, CA and Seattle, WA that builds advanced haptic technology. Their first product, HaptX Gloves, brings touch feedback to VR with unprecedented realism, enabling a new category of industrial training simulations. Founded by Jake Rubin and Dr. Bob Crockett in 2012, HaptX won’t stop until you can’t tell what’s real from what’s virtual. Learn more at haptx.com.

For more videos from Destin, see his YouTube channel, called Smarter Every Day.