Drax Shows Off the Many Non-Humanoid Avatars Already Available in Sansar

You are no longer limited to a human-looking avatar in Sansar. Draxtor Despres has made a short video spotlighting the many non-humanoid avatars you can already use and enjoy in Sansar! Theanine, Ravioli, and other creators are selling attachments that can turn you into an alien, an alligator, or even a teddy bear!

For example, you can get Theanine’s gator head (for female avatars, which comes in two separate parts: one and two), which is rigged to move properly when you speak. You can also get matching alligator arms and legs:

Alligator Sansar Store 1 March 2018.png

And here’s a photo of Daisy Gator, wearing those items:

HoverDerby 1 19 Feb 2018

Thank you to the many talented Sansar creators who are pushing the envelope of what is possible for avatar appearance!

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