Endgame on VRChat with Kent Bye: What is the Ultimate Potential of AI and VR?

The regularly scheduled Endgame talk show on VRChat (which I have written about before) continues to invite interesting guests to facilitate discussion on a variety of topics related to the impact of technology on society. (Here’s a full playlist of past episodes on YouTube. Always a fascinating discussion!)

Yesterday’s episode of Endgame had as their guest none other than Kent Bye, creator of the popular Voices of VR and Voices of AI podcasts, consisting of hundreds of interviews with people doing work in virtual reality and artificial intelligence.

Endgame 2 1 March 2018
Kent Bye (second from left) with the three co-hosts of Endgame

Kent talks with the three co-hosts of Endgame (Nomono, Poplopo, and Psych) in a wide-ranging discussion. He argues that virtual reality gives a more embodied, less dissociative, and less escapist alternative to the social media (Facebook, etc.) screen-based culture that is currently experiencing a backlash. He thinks that decentralized social VR on open platforms is going to be a winner in the long-run (he mentions High Fidelity as an example).

Here’s the YouTube livestream of yesterday’s Endgame episode:

There’s also an active Discord discussion channel run by the people behind Endgame, called Deep Thoughts (that’s how I found the link to this livestream). You can join it by clicking on this link.

Endgame continues to provide engaging, inspiring and challenging content. It’s one of the premier examples of the innovative use of virtual reality to build community.  It’s must-see TV!  Or come into VRChat to be in the studio audience for Endgame, which is held every Wednesday at 7:00 pm Pacific Time!

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