Scene of the Day: Bayswater London

Bayswater London by Retro Metallic 3 August 2017

This picture, taken at the Leinster Arms Pub in the Bayswater London experience by Retro Metallic, illustrates perfectly just how much space you have to work with when building a virtual world in Sansar. That’s not just a painted scenic backdrop! You can walk down that street forever into the far distance, until  you find yourself in a lovely fenced-off park located at the very end. The 4 km by 4 km possible dimensions of a single Sansar experience sure put the relatively tiny sim sizes of Second Life to shame.

Now, you might be wondering, hey, how is that avatar sitting down? There’s no animations in Sansar yet (except for those built into the avatar such as walking), so you can’t sit down yet!  The woman sitting down on the pub table, indeed all the avatars in this picture, are actually statues. Although the one that looks like Sin, wearing the dreads and the necklaces and the brown sweater in the middle, seems to be moving very slightly and breathing as you observe him closely…. very creepy 🙂 come check him out for yourself!  I’ve heard a rumour that there are copies of this exact same Sin avatar popping up all over Sansar!

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