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It’s been exactly one week now since Linden Lab opened the doors to the public in what they are calling the “open creator beta” of Sansar, and I know they have been inundated with bug reports and feature requests. How do I know this?  Am I clairvoyant? No. Because I subscribed to get a little automatic email message every time someone posts a new bug report or new feature request on their user forums, and my email in-box is just overflowing with all the automatic emails from Sansar!

I’ve also had some people comment on the Facebook postings I’ve made this past week to promote the Sansar Newsblog, saying that they were having problems with Sansar.

So this post is to tell you exactly how to report the problems you are having with Sansar to Linden Lab. I talked with both Jenn, the Lead Community Manager for Sansar, and Torley, Sansar Senior Producer and Audio Artist, today and got some helpful information that I wanted to pass on to you.

First, the best way to report a bug is to create a new post in the Bug Reports section of the community forums. In order to do this, you need to have a user account on the Sansar web site, and you need to be logged in to your user account.  If you do not have a user account yet, you will need to create your account here at this URL:

If you do not have (or do not wish) to create a Sansar user account, there is a second way to report a bug.  Jenn told me you can also just send an email to She said that it’s much better to submit a bug report to the forums, because that way, other users can join in and up-vote an item if they are experiencing the same issue as you. How do you up-vote an item?  Simple.  See the little up arrow next to an existing bug report?  (You have to click on the individual title of each bug report to see this.  Here’s an example of what an individual bug report looks like.)

See the little up arrow

If you click that little up arrow, you can “vote up” that bug report (in other words, say “me too!”).  It also works for Feature Requests.  It’s much easier to share that information around internally with Sansar team members who aren’t in the support system, Torley says.

Torley also says:

And though it seems obvious, you may want to include that (1) solid reproductions (steps to make it happen) of a bug are super valuable and (2) whenever possible, post videos and screenshots. A lot gets lost in words.

So now you know how to get help with Sansar! Now go and spread the word 🙂

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