Pick of the Day: Moya Museum

Moya Museum 1 19 August 2017

Patrick Moya is a French artist who is already well-known in virtual worlds such as Second Life (and the now-shuttered Cloud Party) for his museum installations, often making oversized, playful works of art using the four letters of his last name. Patrick has now set up an art gallery in Sansar, called the Moya Museum.

You can walk around in the main museum building, viewing a small collection of his pictures and sculptures. The lighting is a little dim for my tastes, but he has placed spotlights over his paintings so you can see them clearly enough.

Moya Museum 3 19 August 2017

Outside the museum is a smaller building called La Chapelle MOYA. It’s a virtual version of an actual chapel in the small French village of Clans, the interior of which Patrick decorated with frescoes.

Moya Museum 4 19 August 2017

Moya Museum is an interesting place to wander around, and well worth a visit.

Moya Museum 5 19 August 2017.png

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