Sansar Creator Interview: Tina Fayet

I first met Tina Fayet at an in-world casual meetup on August 9th. She stood out because she was wearing a pair of steampunk wings which she had created herself using the Oculus Medium 3D sculpting tool in her VR headset.

Wings Created in Oculus Medium 2 9 August 2017

Wings Created in Oculus Medium 9 August 2017

I asked Tina recently if she would consent to an interview via email and she said yes.

Can you tell me a little bit about yourself and your background, and how did you get started making and selling objects for virtual worlds?  

The first time I ever created anything for a virtual world would be when I made a multiplayer map for the Duke Nukem 3D game. It came out for the PC in a nice little bundle package with a level editor. I was 11.
I took a brief design studies course in high school (1 semester), and a 3-month drafting course at a local technical school. I gravitated towards 3D drafting and was able to get work designing mostly oilfield equipment but I also have experience designing everything from boats, vacuum trucks, swimming pools, electrical panels, renovation plans. Pretty much anything under the sun that needed to be fabricated. And most recently I’ve gotten into designing clothing and Sci-fi stuff for Sansar.

When I first met you, you were wearing a pair of steampunk wings you had created using Oculus Medium. Can you tell me more about that project, what your workflow was like, and what do you think about Oculus Medium as a tool for content creation?

I honestly can’t give enough credit to Oculus Medium for being a very easy way of getting artistic 3D models from my mind into Sansar. As I’ve said, a lot of my professional experience is doing drafting and engineering plans, renovations, stuff that requires straight edges and calculations. I always had a problem bridging the gap between my 2D hand drawings skills and my 3D design knowledge.

Tina Fayet's Skull CapeTina Fayet Skull Cape 2

Caption: Tina’s skull cape (photos posted by Tina to Facebook)

Where do you draw your inspiration for making virtual objects?  For example, what was your inspiration and what was the process you followed in creating your wonderful skull cape?

When creating something in Oculus Medium it’s very much like sketching; you start with an idea and it kind of just evolves from there. I set out to make a necklace, I started with something going around the neck. I added some shoulder pads, shaved a little off here, added a little bit of clay there. What would it look like if I put some skulls right here, oh that’s exactly what it would look like! It’s a very fluid experience.

What advice would you give to beginning content creators in Sansar?

I’m not a good person to get advice from when it comes to designing content for Sansar. I could say that being part of a team would be way easier than having to take all of this on yourself, especially if you’re going to be working scripting into your content.



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