Drax’s Birthday at 114 Harvest

Drax's Birthday Cake 24 August 2017

We gathered in the basement at 114 Harvest to celebrate Draxtor Despres’ birthday! Ria made him a cake, starting from a model from TurboSquid and using the Blender and Substance Painter software programs to decorate it.

Here’s Ria holding up one of the Drax masks she made! The photo (actually a Sansar desktop screen capture using TechSmith’s Snagit software) turned out darker than what I see in my Oculus Rift VR headset, which is an interesting difference between the VR and desktop (non-VR) views.

Ris as Drax 2 24 August 2017

Happy birthday, Drax! Hopefully, the Slovenian hotel wifi will cooperate, and you will be able to join Strawberry Singh and me as we go Atlas Hopping again!

Update August 26th: Drax sent me a really nice photo of himself and Ria at his party, which was taken by Strawberry Singh.

Drax and Ria at Drax's Birthday 114 Harvest 25 August 2017



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