Pick of the Day: The Grand Hall & Gardens

Today’s Pick of the Day is Loz Hyde’s experience The Grand Hall & Gardens. Loz was among the very first content creators to take part in the Sansar closed beta, he is well-known for his Meshworx brand in Second Life (in-world store, SL Marketplace) and he has brought some of his mesh creations over to Sansar already! When Drax and Ria were building their 114 Harvest experience, they specifically asked Loz to bring over his Jessie sofa with the Union Jack pattern from SL to put in Drax’s basement.

At the moment Loz only has one item up in the Sansar Store, his beautifully designed and textured Aviary building. You can see it at The Grand Hall & Gardens.

Loz Hyde's Aviary Sansar 25 August 2017

There’s also the Grand Hall, a magnificent building you face when you arrive at his experience.

Loz Hyde's Grand Hall Sansar 25 August 2017

The interior is an auditorium decorated with red velvet drapes and crystal chandeliers.

Loz Hyde's Grand Hall Interior Sansar 25 August 2017

You owe it to yourself to drop by for a visit and admire Loz’s handiwork! Hopefully, he will soon be bringing more of his mesh creations from Second Life over to Sansar.


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