Pick of the Day: Monkey Temple

Monkey Temple 2 31 August 2017

Today’s Pick of the Day is Monkey Temple, lovingly and painstakingly created by Anrick and his team at UNIT9. You arrive in a lush, humid jungle, surrounded by the old stone walls of some sort of temple complex, decorated with large carvings of monkey faces. This place really gives you an Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom feeling! As you wander around trying to get your bearings, you discover a couple of games that can be played: a soccer-type game played with a round stone ball, and a sort of basketball-type game played with stone heads.

Monkey Temple 3 31 August 2017

In the back is gigantic monkey head, jaws agape, that you walk into in order to trigger a teleport to a higher part of the temple. This worked the last time I visited the Monkey Temple. Unfortunately, the teleporter doesn’t seem to work now. Maybe Anrick and his team need to fix it.

Monkey Temple 4 31 August 2017

Monkey Temple is well worth a visit. It’s a great example of how to create a compelling, immersive atmosphere in a Sansar experience!

Monkey Temple 1 31 August 2017

Update Sept. 1st: Draxtor Despres reminded me that he did a short video about Anrick and his Monkey Temple experience as part of his Sansar Creator Profile series:

Thanks Drax!


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