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If you’re a regular visitor, you might notice something different about the blog starting today. Namely, the advertising spots now appearing along the top, sides and bottom of my blog and its blogposts.

I’ve decided to take my first step into monetization, by enabling WordAds for my WordPress blog. Since I recently upgraded to a Premium plan as part of the rebranding of my blog (necessary because I wanted to use my own domain name), I would like to be able to recoup at least some of the costs of running I hope you understand why I made this change! (You’re probably only going to see ads for until my monthly blog view stats reach a certain level.)

Keep in mind that you can always use Adblock Plus to remove unsightly ads from your web browsing experience if you find them annoying. I promise I won’t blame you for using tools like Adblock Plus, but I do hope you do keep the ads! (I recently turned off Adblock Plus for Strawberry Singh’s excellent and highly-recommended website because I was curious to see who was advertising on her blog.)

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5 thoughts on “Ads, ads, ads…”

  1. Thank you for doing that for my site Ryan, much appreciated! So happy to see your blog growing this way! I hope in the future you think about offering ad campaigns on your blog that people can pick up to advertise their VR stores/blogs, etc… on here too!

  2. I have ads to but no idea on how to hone the more to the reader. I keep mine under the post at the moment because when I accidentally tinkered my god it was ad extravaganza for two days! Lol
    Nothing wrong with it at all considering the domain name and site does came at a personal cost.

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