Emotes Finally Come to Sansar!


Picture by YesManProductions on Pixabay

Did you know that you can now use emotes in chat in desktop (non-VR) mode in Sansar? Torley took these short videos of a group of avatars at today’s Community Meetup using the three available emotes:




Note that these emotes don’t work when you are in a VR headset (I know, because I tried to use them, peering at my keyboard through the nose space on my Oculus Rift headset), but then again, you can move your head and arms when in VR, so it’s not really as important. I still would like to be able to dance, though! Linden Lab still has to figure out how to integrate the VR hand controllers and visor with the played-back animation, what takes precedence in such a situation. Oh, the joys of social VR development!

Only three emotes so far, but it’s a start! Hopefully, Linden Lab will add more soon.

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