New Feature: You Can Now Create Your Own Events in Sansar

One of the new features of the latest Sansar software release is the ability for users to create their own events, which will appear in the Upcoming Events listings, both on the website and in the client software. (Up until now, Linden Lab had to take your event information and post it themselves.)

To start, click on the new Events icon in the Sansar client:

Sansar Create Event 3 21 Mar 2018.png

You will see a list of upcoming events in Sansar. Click the red Create An Event button in the upper right-hand corner to create your own event:

Sansar Create Event 21 Mar 2018.png

You can only post events for experiences you have created (this might become a problem if the experience creator wants someone else to promote their event). Select your experience from the drop-down menu under Location and fill in the rest of the fields.

Sansar Create Event 2 21 Mar 2018.png

When you’re ready, click the red Save & Publish button. That’s it!

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