Strawberry and Drax Tour Sinespace

Very early this morning my time, Strawberry Singh and Draxtor Despres paid a visit to Adam Frisby in Sinespace. I wasn’t there (still sleeping), but Strawberry did a livestream of the event:

Among the many Sinespace regions they visited was one which I had profiled earlier on the blog, Sudin.

Another region they all visited was Race Meet – Winter Mountain, a wintertime raceway where they drove dune buggies which Adam created. The vehicle physics in Sinespace are quite good!

It’s a great video and I learned a few things about the Sinespace user interface I didn’t know before. Looks like they had a lot of fun too! They were chatting in Skype while they were in-world (there’s no voice chat in Sinespace yet).

Here’s a list of Sinespace regions they visited, according to Adam:

UPDATE March 6th: It turns out that Sinespace does have voice chat, but some regions have that ability turned off, which is why they used Skype in the livestream.

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2 thoughts on “Strawberry and Drax Tour Sinespace”

  1. I was impressed with the capabilities of Sinespace. Unity is a powerful game engine and Adam is quite brilliant in his use of it. The stunning parts of Sinespace – the volumetric lighting, the motion blur, the cloth physics – really are impressive. There are regions in Sinespace that really stand out and there is a lot more you can do with the UI and the avatar that you cannot yet do in Sansar. The downside is still the avatars. The skins and hair is better than when I checked in several months ago but that base avatar is just not next-gen. The way the elbows bend, the ridiculous feet, the way the legs appear bowed because of the poor design of the pelvis. I do not understand why all of these new virtual worlds seem to have avatars that look awful next to those from Second Life which is what? 14 years old now?

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