Cartoon: How I Spend Money in Real Life Versus Second Life

A woman named Lunna R. Soledad shared the following (edited) cartoon in the Second Life Friends group on Facebook, and I had to laugh because it was so true:

Second Life Money Cartoon.jpg

Having just shelled out over thirty dollars to upgrade my Victorian/steampunk roleplay avatar to a Bento mesh head, body, and several new outfits, I can so relate to this! After all, it’s only Linden dollars, right? Right?!??

The original cartoonist is Sarah Andersen of Sarah’s Scribbles. So go over there and throw some dollars at her 😉

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2 thoughts on “Cartoon: How I Spend Money in Real Life Versus Second Life”

  1. I realized a decade ago, that the more time I spent in virtual worlds, the less time I was in my car. Because each time I got in my car, I would spend average $30-300 dollars on whereever and whatever. So by spending lots of time in a virtual worlds and not going out in RL as much, my personal finances went from the red to black.

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