What Are the Most Popular Sansar Experiences?

Gindipple's Bowling Alley 25 Mar 2018.png
Gindipple’s Bowling Alley

Gindipple, who is very talented with his scripting abilities, has created a program which regularly scrapes data from this webpage (which sorts Sansar experiences in descending order by how many avatars are currently in them, i.e. a measure of popularity), and he sometimes shares his data with us. I don’t have his permission to share the actual image of data from a table he shared on the official Sansar Discord server (I’m not his favourite person, and he’s not mine), but I can tell you which Sansar experiences seem to have been the most popular since Feb. 18th, when Linden Lab fixed a serious bug in the user concurrency figures used in their Most Popular sorted list of experiences.

So, what Sansar experiences have been the most visited over the past month or so?

All of these have been my Sansar Pick of the Day in the past, and all are well worth a visit. So, get out there and explore!


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