Pick of the Day: Paranormal Investigation

Paranormal Investigation 11 Oct 2017

This experience is published by Abramelin Wolfe, who is perhaps best known for the Second Life brand Abranimations. You are in an old house where someone has set up special equipment and left a map with a brief handwritten note on the table:

Multiple reported sightings and sounds…History of spiritualism and occult practices.

I have visited a lot of Sansar experiences over the past three months, and I have to say that I am very impressed at what Abramelin and his team have put together! This is outstanding work, with a very spine-tingly atmosphere ratcheted up by good use of clever animations (of course, with the name Abranimations!). Rather than spoil any more of this experience, I would urge you to come venture on your own Paranormal Investigation.

Paranormal Investigation 2 11 Oct 2017

Paranormal Invetigation

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