Outfit Outlay: Necklaces!

Time for another Sansar fashion blogpost! Today Vanity Fair is going to model some of the necklaces available for sale (even some for free!) in the Sansar Store. (All pictures were taken in the Valencia experience by Theanine.)

First up is a gorgeous nature-inspired necklace with gemstone flowers and leaves by Cora, only S$50 (US$0.50 or CDN$0.62):

Necklaces 1 14 Oct 2017

Necklaces 2 14 Oct 2017

Next up is a pretty gold heart necklace by Edith Legend, a real steal at only five Sansar dollars (US$0.05 or CDN$0.06)!

Necklaces 4 14 Oct 2017

This blue dragonfly necklace is by Talevin, and costs only S$50 (US$0.50 or CDN$0.62):

Necklaces 5 14 Oct 2017

Finally, here are two free necklaces! The first free necklace is one of several Hallowe’en-themed necklaces by SIN, a bat with glow-in-the-dark eyes:

Necklaces 6 14 Oct 2017

And if you’re really into the glow-in-the-dark thing, here’s a rainbow glow necklace by Cat, also available for free in the Sansar Store!

Necklaces 3 14 Oct 2017

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