Pick of the Day: Miner Difficulties

Miner Difficulties 15 October 2017

Galen has been busy! He says:

Jasmine and I have been working most of our waking hours this past month to bring out our best contributions to the Halloween contest. I split my time between Alfy’s (Subway Nightmare) and Jasmine’s “Miner Difficulties”:


Jasmine is a storyteller. She follows up her award-winning Through the Waterfall experience with this second story and really hits it out of the park with an excellent build and a concept that is both whimsical and blood-curdling.

I am not going to say anything about this experience (beyond posting a photo of the initial scene above) and I am going to ask you to just go and see it for yourself. Jasmine and Galen have outdone themselves here! Excellent work and excellent narrative! This is one of the best immersive Sansar experiences that I have ever visited! This is definitely a contender for Sansar’s Scariest Experience contest, the deadline of which is today.

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