Outfit Outlay: The Eyes Have It

While Linden Lab has provided a number of avatar customization choices, among them is not eye colour. Every standard avatar has the same dull brown eyes.

Fortunately, a number of talented Sansar creators have come forward to address this issue. Both Debi Baskerville and SIN have a number of eye colours as avatar attachments (click the links to see what they have to offer). There are also eyes offered by a few other people, including a free pair of black eyes by JackTheRipper for free!

Eyes on the Sansar Store 23 Oct 2017

One of the current limitations of Sansar is that you can only have one attachment at each avatar attachment point (unlike Second Life, where you can attach multiple items to each point). This means that, until today, I could not wear these beautiful eyes at the same time as my glasses, because both items attach to the eye attachment point.

But today Debi Baskerville messaged me to tell me that she had created a set of blue eyes that attaches to the ear attachment point on the Sansar avatar, so that I could wear both my glasses and have blue eyes! Thank you, Debi! Here’s my new look:


My New Blue Eyes 23 Oct 2017.png

Debi tells me that this one pair will be available for free in the Sansar Store for a limited time only…. so grab a pair while you can! Here’s the listing.


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