Top Ten Most Popular Posts on the Sansar Newsblog


Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

My WordPress software informs me that I have made 200 blogposts to the Sansar Newsblog. Here are the top ten most popular (most visited) posts I have made so far:

  1. Avatar and Camera Controls for Desktop Users of Sansar
  2. Comparing Sansar and High Fidelity: A Few Thoughts
  3. Bjorn Linden/Laurin Talks in Second Life About Sansar
  4. Easy Sansar Content Creation Using Microsoft Windows Paint 3D
  5. A Plea to Linden Lab: Release the Outfits!
  6. Can You Get Laid in Sansar?
  7. First Sansar Book Published
  8. Outfit Outlay: Astronaut
  9. Linden Lab Launches the Official Sansar Discord Server
  10. Sansar Creator Interview: Agustine

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