Sansar Store Spotlight: Alfy

Alfy has put quite a number of his avatar attachments up for sale in the Sansar Store. Here’s his outlaw cowboy hat with attached kerchief (S$250, about US$2.50 or CDN$3.06) on my avatar:

Alfy's Cowboy Hat and Kerchief 14 Sept 2017

The cowboy hat is also available with the kerchief in an American flag pattern (same price).

Alfy also has some cool avatar head replacements. Here’s his Minotaur head (S$500, about US$5.00 or CDN$6.11):

Alfy's Minotaur Head 14 Sept 2017

And here’s his gorilla head, also for S$500:

Alfy's Gorilla Head 14 Sept 2017


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